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DUO PLAST is a leading stretch film manufacturer that offers consulting on packaging for optimum safety and optimal cost efficiency through its state-of-the-art Transport Simulation Center.
The Simulation Center, powered by Safe Load Testing Technologies, allows DUO PLAST to offer their clients packaging tests in their facilities, providing a personalized service to analyze the loads and the distribution process and the stretch film that best suits the needs of each client.

Only expert analysis of all factors in the system enables the development of individual packaging solutions that protect the product and are efficient from a cost and sustainability perspective. Aided by state-of-the-art testing systems, DUO LAB Technology Centre can create and evaluate complete loading and transport securement concepts.

Benefits of Safe Load Testing Technologies´ expert training services

Safe Load Testing Technologies program provides hands-on training to give companies an edge to optimize and validate their packaging solutions. The objective of the training is to give practical skills to get the most from the test equipment. In Duo PLAST, the training provided by Enrique de La Cruz, gave the team skills so they can tackle any testing situation, such as the shock and vibration processing and test design, Standard procedures application, or Laboratory application.

Furthermore, the training included various theoretical sessions on vibration, shocks, transport characterization, and standard procedures application.



Safe Load Testing Technologies DUO PLAST

Stefanie Schenider and Ralf Heußner from DUO PLAST with Enrique de la Cruz from Safe Load Testing Technologies.

Since the creation of the Transport Simulation Center, the clients who have trusted DUO PLAST have been growing thanks to the benefits obtained directly from the application of these technologies. Specifically, a 30% reduction in packaging costs and a 20% reduction in product damage costs have been achieved.

DUO LAB Technology Centre

To fulfill the wishes and demands of the market – and the legal requirements for securing packages too – the DUO LAB Technology Centre also provides comprehensive laboratory testing to develop package testing concepts for securing materials.

Their Technology Centre includes up-to-date testing solutions for this purpose, provided by Safe Load Testing Technologies, enabling them to undertake tests on entire unit loads. This unique packaging testing laboratory helps DUO PLAST come up with securement concepts for complete loads and transported products, and to perform testing on them. A system analysis of the predominating transport conditions, and environmental influences provides the basis for developing individually-adapted securement measures – from the primary packaging through to the entire unit load.

Thus, DUO PLAST can validate all the challenges of transport, and develop scientifically based packaging testing, analyses, and optimizations. The German Technology Centre for load and transported product securement is officially accredited for package testing by the German accreditation body, DAkkS. Therefore, the company must comply with national and international testing standards, and they are also authorized to issue recognized certificates on test reports.

Safe Load Testing Technologies equipment accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

  • Horizontal impact tester
  • Vertical vibration and pitch and roll module (multiaxis system)
  • Environmental conditioning chamber
  • Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder

Horizontal Impact Tester

The horizontal impact equipment consists of a computer-controlled sled that applies specific accelerations to the relevant unit load. The package testing aims to simulate the most important shock and acceleration loads as realistically as possible. This enables us to investigate the horizontal transport influences on the unit load which could significantly affect the safety and stability of your goods.


Vertical Vibration System

Your product is at constant risk of being damaged due to the permanent loading resulting from transport. Therefore, the secondary packaging has more to do than just forming the unit load. It also has a significant contribution to make regarding the protection of your products and ensuring their safe transport. Here, permanent vertical loads on the products being transported are exactly those which demand particularly high stability from the package.

Pitch & Roll Module

The pitch and roll module was specially-developed for testing the loads resulting from tipping or tilting movements and rotations. This test method enables us to simulate every curve realistically. These influences arising from transport can significantly impact the stability and safety of your transported materials and unit loads.
Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder.

DUO LAB-Vertical-Vibration-Table-Safe Load Testing Technologies
The demands upon transported products and the quality of their packaging are growing all the time. Increasing awareness of the necessity for individually adapted load securement means that transport conditions have unavoidably become a central consideration. To give certainty in this area too, companies need to know that their packaged goods have been perfectly packaged and loaded, so they have the option of using detailed transport route analyses, using special trip data recording systems that recorders all the events that occur during distribution cycle, to then simulate them in the solutions of the Technology Centre.

Climate Chamber

Flexible packaging materials offer numerous advantages for the distribution process, for example, simple and fast packaging of the products to be transported. Strength and retention forces are enormously affected by the environmental conditions they experience, so the packaging’s load capacity may vary significantly. This must be taken sufficiently into account during the selection and processing of the film. To investigate the significance of these factors for the safety and stability of the unit loads, DUO PLAST offers their client’s test environment which allows them to subject the unit load being tested to vertical tests – directly within a climate-controlled environment


Safe Load Testing Technologies: the ideal partner when creating a transport simulation laboratory.

Nowadays there are only two companies in the world that have the know-how and necessary skills to successfully design and undertake a turnkey Transport Simulation Laboratory project. One of them is in the United States, and the other one is Safe Load TT. The fact of being in Europe and being renowned in the sector led us to be the ideal partner for DUO PLAST in the execution of this project.

Moreover, Safe Load TT has the only existing patent in the world for a vertical vibration + pitch/roll simulation system, which is the one that best replicates real-world conditions that place during the transportation of goods – something that is essential for this type of project.
There is currently a growing demand for this type of solution by major plastic film manufacturing and distribution companies, especially after the enactment of Directive 2014/47/EU in May 2018.

The concept that is being developed is the same one that was applied by DUO PLAST, which is to say, providing a value-added service to attract more customers and gain the loyalty of both existing and new ones. For all of this, Safe Load Testing Technologies is the ideal partner when implementing this type of project since we have the necessary experience and know-how for it to be a complete success. Do you want to set up your transport simulation laboratory? Get in touch with us and we will assist you.

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