New innVision

High-speed artificial vision systems to record and analyze the deformation of the unit load.

Cutting-edge technology to simulate reality

New project

Trioplast acquires our  Horizontal Stability tester to accomplish EUMOS

We are international providers of testing solutions for packaging optimization and validation

We create technology

We designed innovative packaging testing solutions to simulate the forzes suffered by the loads during the distribution cycle.

Our latest project is the innSlide Boomerang, a compact horizontal acceleration equipment designed to meet international standards, such as the EUMOS 40509 test method.


How can we help you?

Turn-key testing equipment

We design and develop turn-key testing equipment

Upgrade your solutions

We are able to upgrade your existing equipment in order to fit new requirements.

Ad-hoc solutions

Our solutions are customizable to fit your company needs


We provide with professional packaging engineering training and advice 


We provide professional consultancy in packaging engineering and transport simulation


Load Stability Guide

Are you aware of the latest updates of the EUMOS 40509 standard?

Download or free ebook and discover everything about the new version EUMOS 40509:2020!

Succes story

Samuel Grant creates a the first pallet testing laboratory in UK, according to EUMOS to help its customers obtain safer and more optimized packaging solutions.

The company  is committed to reducing the impact that packaging has on the environment by delivering optimum packaging solutions to its clients.


laboratory testing Samuel Grant

Latest News

Transport simulation: vibration testing machine applications

Transport simulation: vibration testing machine applications

A transport simulation vibration testing machine is a specialized system that helps companies detect problems in their packaging by simulating vibrations produced during the distribution cycle. In this article we analyze the importance of transport simulation to...

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ISTA 2A: tests and equipment needed to comply with it

ISTA 2A: tests and equipment needed to comply with it

The ISTA 2A protocol focuses on the testing of ready-to-ship packaged products weighing up to and including 68kg. This method combines simulations contained in other ISTA standards such as ISTA 1 (non-simulation integrity performance testing) and ISTA 3 (general...

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Vibration testing standards to take into account

Vibration testing standards to take into account

Some of the main hazards faced by goods when being transported are the vibrations resulting from the route and the means of transportation itself, whether when transported by road, sea or air. Being aware of the detrimental effects of vibrations on the products being...

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