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New project

Trioplast acquires an Horizontal Stability tester to accomplish EUMOS tests thanks to Safe Load TT

We are worldwide providers of package testing solutions for the optimization and validation of the loads 

We create technology

We designed innovative packaging testing solutions to simulate the forzes sufered by the loads during the distribution cycle.

Our latest project is the innSlide Boomerang, a compact horizontal acceleration euioment designed to meet international standards, such as the EUMOS 40509 test method.


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Turn-key testing equipment

We design and develop turn-key testing equipment

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We are able to upgrade your existing equipment in order to fit new requirements.

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Our solutions are customizable to fit your company needs


We provide with professional packaging engineering training and advice 


We provide professional consultancy in packaging engineering and transport simulation

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Succes story

Grifal, the Italian company dedicated to providing packaging solutions, has relied on Safe Load Testing Technologies to complete its transport simulation laboratory by purchasing new packaging testing machines. We analyze step by step the process and the advantages obtained by Grifal Spa with this equipment.

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