ISTA certification is one of the most well-known and implemented international parameters for the regulation of goods transportation. It consists of a series of tests that aim to establish quality standards with the purpose of guaranteeing safety during the distribution cycle.

Divided into 7 series that measures the resistance of a package under different scenarios, they are a part of a family of transport testing protocols that establish industry standards that aim to improve safety.


Benefits of becoming ISTA certified

The protective ability of a package in the face of hazards such as shocks, vibrations, compression forces and adverse environmental conditions (excessive humidity, extreme temperatures, etc.) is verified through a series of tests.

Obtaining the ISTA certification means that a company can provide visible proof (in the form of a label) showing that its product+packaging systems have undergone a series of tests to determine their ability to endure a normal distribution cycle.

Consequently, companies that pass these procedures can enjoy the benefits of becoming ISTA certified:

  • Eliminating costs due to shrinkage during transportation. Obtaining the ISTA certification implies successfully applying a series of testing standards and protocols focused on improving the safety of the product+packaging system. This means that companies are generating a package with the highest protective ability so that, when implemented in real-life distribution conditions, it can withstand the various threats. This eliminates product shrinkage during transportation and minimizes the economic costs associated with them (such as claims, redeliveries, etc.).
  • Launching a production on the market faster by eliminating the need to test the packaging and product in multiple tests.
  • Encourage a positive brand image, since the necessary measures are taken to ensure that the products arrive at the final customer in perfect condition.
  • Negotiate transportation fees from a position of advantage, since they are provided with a product that is safe and ready to withstand the conditions of the distribution cycle.


How to obtain the ISTA certification

In order to obtain the ISTA certification, companies have two choices: procure the services of an ISTA certified laboratory or build their own.

Each of these options offers a set of advantages and drawbacks, and opting for one or the other completely depends on an analysis of the needs of the company in the short and long term.

Turning to technological testing laboratories or leasing testing equipment are the better choices for companies that do not wish to invest in owning, operating and maintaining these systems. In this way, only a specific economic investment is made when testing is required.

However, it is essential to know the main criteria to choose the right laboratory. If the goal of the company is to obtain the ISTA certification, it must search for an ISTA testing laboratory.

Conversely, other companies opt to build their own testing laboratory, acquiring the transport simulation machines that are suited to their specific needs. Despite requiring an initial investment, this option offers a number of advantages, which include:

  • The ability to perform unlimited testing at no additional cost.
  • Faster product certification, avoiding formalities and waiting times.
  • Generating more comprehensive analyses, since companies know their equipment and products in detail, and they can also perform the tests based on their specific needs.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we have already assisted a number of companies in creating their own laboratories, allowing them to have a better knowledge of the way in which their packaging performs, as well as regarding the benefits of becoming ISTA certified. This has been the case for the laboratories that we built for Grifal and Duoplast.

Our transport simulation machines have been designed to comply with the specifications of the ISTA certification. This enables us to deliver turnkey, intuitive and cutting-edge systems that allow companies to perform testing procedures as per the ISTA standards.

Moreover, we help companies calculate the ROI of this investment and be aware of the economic savings that they can achieve after acquiring their own machines.
Do you want to know more about how to obtain the ISTA certification and what it is that your company needs to accomplish this? Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help.

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