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What packaging testing is?

In order to know the mechanical stiffness properties of a packaging-product system in front of the distribution cycle, the system needs to be measured or evaluated. Its mechanical properties need to be well know, dimensions, mechanical, strength, and its ability to survive in front of the distribution cycle stress.

Packaging testing simulates the damages that may experience by the packed goods, such as boxes, pallets or goods, during their distribution. These are laboratory reproductions of the hazard that products and packages are subjected to during the distributions cycle of goods. In addition, transport simulation tests also help in detecting issues such as under packaging (too little packaging) or over packaging (too much packaging).

Thus packaging testing permits optimize cargo design as well as improve quality, prevent damages, deterioration and additional costs. In addition, all these tests are controlled by shipping test standards, rules and regulations that guarantee product safety during the distribution cycle.

Why you should perform a load testing?

During the last few years, safety conditions of the goods have begun to have a great importance for big brand owners, packaging manufacturers and logistic companies. These companies face losses of €50.000 million/year worldwide due to goods damages during transportation. For this, transport simulation technologies play an important role in securing the load and optimizing the packaging, since its mismanagement has a huge environmental impact due to the increase of material wasted by the over pack, as well as an increase in costs and logistic inefficiency. Nowadays, European Union try to reduce the risks in transport with its 2017/47/EU Directive. This regulation includes standard stability testing as a tool for increase safety at roads.

Human factor apart, load testing is a powerful aim to know the viability of a packaging prototype inside a laboratory, with a small number of samples. After design a packaging system “on the design board” is the proper way to know if all the hypothesis considered were well done.

All these reasons, added to the fact that it also supposes a risk to the people in charge of its handling and transportation, makes it essential for any company which wants to export or transport their products to previously subject its packaging to a transport simulation test.

In Safe Load Testing Technologies, we offer a unique integral solution to evaluate the packaging behavior during transport. All our solutions are characterized by their cutting-edge technology, their intuitive use, their design and by complying with the security standards to guarantee the CE Mark. Furthermore, all of them meet a full range of tests standards including ISTA, ASTM, ISO, EN or EUMOS.

What kind of tests perform our equipment?

Impact tests

Impact tests simulate the horizontal shocks that affects stability and safety of the load, produced by various means of handling and transportation.

Stability Testing

Stability tests ensure the rigidity and safety of the loads. it simulates the horizontal accelerations and decelerations produced by various means of handling and transportation.

Compression testing

Compression tests simulate the strong compressive forces that can generate the stacking forces generated during handling and transport.

Vibration testing

Vibration tests perform the simulation of vertical vibrations and pitch and roll movements produced by various means of handling and transportation.

Drop tests

Drop tests perform the simulation of drops and rotational impacts that may affect packages and products during handling and distribution.

Clamp tests

Clamp tests measure the protective capacity of packages of products when suffers horizontal press and vertical movements during automatic storage.

Acceleration testing

Acceleration testing provides data on the behavior of materials and loads when are subjected to acceleration and decelerations forces produced by various means of handling and transportation.

Amazon test requirements

Tests and requirements that any company have to pass and comply with if it wants to sell its products through Amazon and wants to improve its shipping performance, regarding packaging


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