The frustration free packaging program is raising a lot of questions among those who distribute – or plan to distribute – their products through Amazon. For this reason, we want to explain to you what the Amazon Frustration Free program is, how to certify a frustration free package and the machinery that is necessary to do so.

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What’s frustration free packaging?

Frustration free packaging is a type of packaging that is certified under Amazon’s new program for distributors and sellers.

Amazon frustration free packaging is a new protocol whose purpose is to reduce the packaging material to a minimum, without compromising the safety of the load as a result.

It is targeted at fba packaging (fulfilled by Amazon); in other words, those sellers that use Amazon’s distribution system.

So what is Amazon Frustration Free packaging? A packaging that is ready to be shipped via Amazon’s distribution system and is easy to open, uses environmentally-friendly or recyclable materials and can be shipped in its original package without the need for additional packaging.

The benefits of certifying your package as Amazon frustration free packaging are many:

  • Eliminating the additional costs related to Amazon Prep Chargebacks. Certifying a package as frustration free packaging means that the product’s packaging is ready to move through Amazon’s distribution system. Therefore, these penalties do not exist.
  • Reducing packaging costs. It is an opportunity to test and optimize a product’s packaging, avoiding unnecessary packaging and saving costs.
  • Reducing transportation costs. Since the packaging will be leaner and optimized, it will have an ideal size for shipping, thereby making it possible to ship products at a lower cost.

Other possible benefits of certifying a package as Frustration packaging include generating more satisfied customers and a greater product protection.  

The main goals of Amazon’s frustration-free program

The main goal of a frustration free package is to improve the user’s and end consumer’s experience.

During the last few years, Amazon has been the target of consumer criticism, who have complained that they have received products that had been damaged during transportation, or that had a packaging that was too bulky or difficult to open.

This is why Amazon’s frustration-free program aims to get anyone distributing their products via the FBA packaging system to certify their packaging to avoid this situation.

How to certify an Amazon frustration free packaging

Amazon aims for everyone who sells products through its distribution system to their packages certified as frustration free packaging before 1 August, 2019.

In addition, the company offers incentives for those sellers who certify their products as per the frustration free package program before 31 July.

It is for this reason that it is vital to know what Amazon Frustration Free packaging is and how to get certified.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we have developed a free to download guide which explains step by step what frustration free packaging is and how to certify packages under this program. 

In summary, to certify a package as an Amazon frustration free packaging it is necessary to pass a series of transport and storage simulation tests known as ISTA .

This is a series of testing protocols to test how packaging reacts to possible events that take place during shipping & handling of a load.

With the ISTA protocol, the goal is to guarantee the safety of goods, while optimizing the packaging to meet the requirements of a frustration free packaging.

These tests are performed via the Amazon Lab created by Safe Load TT, a set of machines that are specifically designed to perform the ISTA protocol and get a package certified as Amazon frustration free packaging.

What machines are used in relation to frustration free packaging?

There is specific machinery for getting frustration-free certified.

The Amazon Lab contains the necessary machines to perform the procedures related to frustration free packaging:

  • The Clamp tester measures the ability that a package has to protect a load against horizontal pressures and vertical motions during storage.
  • The Drop tester simulates free falls and rotational impacts which may affect the load during the distribution process. This machine can simulate flat, corner and edge drops.
  • The Compression tester tests how compression forces affect the packaging.
  • The vertical vibration system simulates the vertical vibrations caused during the transportation of goods by train, plane or ship, among other things.
  • The incline impact tester simulates the horizontal shocks and impacts that may affect the stability and safety of the load, caused by the handling and transportation of the load.

The machines that compose Safe Load Testing Technologies’ Amazon Lab are specifically designed to comply with the requirements of the ISTA protocol and certify packages as Amazon frustration free packaging.

Do you have questions about Amazon’s Frustration Free program? Need more advice on how to certify your packages as frustration free packages? Get in touch with us and our team of experts will advise you on Amazon’s program and the transportation simulation equipment that you need, whether to complete your laboratory or to create a new one, with sights on obtaining the ISTA 6-Amazon certification.