Load Stability: Why is it so important? 


July 16, 15:30 CEST (Madrid)

With the increase in e-commerce and the market globalization, load stability is a major challenge for the supply chain and the freight industry, as cargo failures represent a major safety, economic and waste issue. 

The concern over packaging and delivering products in good condition is increasingly higher since, during transportation, the goods are subject to harsh conditions that might cause damages to the products they contain.

A good packaging and controlled conditions during the distribution cycle could prevent losses due to shrinkage, as well as reduce the number of accidents during shipping & handling, which results in lower costs for the company. 

In this regard, load safety and stability have become critical matters in the supply chain and the goods transportation industry, as well as a major point of debate for industry professionals, who are increasingly  committed to attaining a safe and effective transportation.

This webinar will cover:

What load stability means

We will talk about the importance of the load stability during the distribution cycle and the factors that affect it.


Methodologies for load stability testing

We will see which testing methods are more appropriate to evaluate load stability issues .


Pros & Cons

We will discuss the pros and cons of the test method and how we could optimize packaging to improve load stability.

Meet our Panel

Lidia Maestre


Carlos Mora


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This webinar will take place at 15:30 CEST (Madrid) on July 16, 2020.

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July 16, 2020 

15:30 CEST (Madrid)