Last week, we had the pleasure of receiving Vincent Rouillard, professorship in Mechanical Engineering at Victoria University (Australia), where he leads the Engineered Packaging and Distribution Research Group, and one of the Directors of the company Real Vibrations in Australia. Together with Michael Sek, Vincent develops sophisticated and easy to use vibration analyzers and vibration controllers in his company.

Few months ago, Safe Load Testing Technologies established a strategic partnership with his company, Real Vibrations Systems Developers. Through the partnership, all control software programs are developed by Real Vibrations, together with the Technical Department of Safe Load Testing Technologies. In the same way, now our company takes the responsibility for distributing and supporting Real Vibrations products.

Vincent Rouillard & marketing departmentDuring the visit, Vincent Rouillard was working with the engineering department of Safe Load TT testing and showing the potential of his control software in our vertical vibration system (innWave). In addition, they focused on the conceptual design of the new prototypes and the optimization of the control software developed by Real Vibrations for the Safe Load TT portfolio.

Furthermore, together with the marketing department, Vincent Rouillard focused on the development of the new papers and successful cases, as well as the generation of technical contents and the planning of the communication strategies of both companies. By last, and together with our sales manager, Vincent was working on the new requested projects and solidifying the relationship between both companies.

More about Vincent Rouillard

His main research interests deal with the measurement, analysis and simulation of non-stationary and non-Gaussian random processes. Initially, this was applied to the simulation and analysis of random (water) wave fields that occur naturally in the ocean including the generation of deep water breaking waves.

Later, his research efforts have involved the analysis, characterization and synthesis of environmental shock and vibration with application to transport dynamics and their effects on shipment and products. Also related to this is the measurement and analysis of pavement topography with particular focus on the dynamic interaction between pavements, vehicles and products during transportation.

More recently, his research has focused on the analysis and simulation of multi-axis vibratory motion of road vehicles as well as the evaluation of damage progression of structures and materials subjected to random vibrations.

More about Real Vibrations

Real Vibrations Systems Developers was founded by Michael Sek and Vincent Rouillard. Together, they represent some sixty years’ experience in signal analysis, signal synthesis and control and software development. They are committed to create systems that are intuitive to use yet powerful enough to solve real-life vibration and signal analysis issues. Their principal strength is that they use a high-level programming platform and world-class off-the-shelf hardware modules to create the systems. This enables them to implement enhancements (often at the request of their customers) very swiftly.

Recently. they are developing, together with our engineering department, the control software for the products that belong to the families innWave, innSlide, innShock, innPress, innClamp, innDrop, and innRecord.