Actually, almost all products, especially industrial components (turbines, motor…), are constantly suffering vibration excitations. It is very important, from the safety point of view, to predict the lifetime of those products, to know in advance the behavior of these components against vibrations and calculate the lifetime (fatigue tests).

Vibration testing tables are made to subject the products or packages to the vibrations that they will suffer during their life cycle, transportation and to see their behavior before them.

Apart of mechanical products, any packaging, during the transport cycle, suffers different types of vibrations excitations during handling and transport. To guarantee the perfect delivery of the products at final customer, a previous analysis of the behavior of the packaging against vibrations is needed. Universal procedures have been studied to achieve that: ISTA, ASTM, ISO, etc., procedures.

To predict the damages in both cases (final products or packaging) are the vibration testing tables. These vibration testing tables are made to subject the products or packages to the vibrations that they will suffer during their life cycle, transportation and to see their behavior before them.


Safe Load TT vibration testing tables: types

There are several types of vibration machines, each one with its peculiarities:

> Electrodynamic vibration: these shaker tables for vibration are characterized by:

  • Electromagnetic system
  • Short stroke
  • Very high acceleration
  • Very high frequencies.

Are designed especially for electronic elements. Vibration response and fatigue tests.

> Mechanical shakers. These shaker tables for vibration testing are characterized by:

  • Constant stroke
  • Low accelerations
  • Very low frequencies.

Are used mostly at the laboratory level as mechanical agitators. This king of vibration machine is also used in some testing standards:  ISTA, ASTM, TAPPI, ISO, MIL-STD, UN, DOT.


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>  Hydraulic vibration: the hydraulic vibration testers offer the biggest possibility of tests, are characterized by:

  • Hydraulic energy system
  • Long stroke
  • High frequency (until 500 Hz)
  • High and Low accelerations
  • Can test high loads.
This kind of vibration test systems are used to test all king of products, mostly in automotive and packaging simulation.

Due to its variability and its wide range of applications, hydraulic vibration machines are the most used. Using hydraulic energy, we should highlight the innWave machines from Safe Load Testing Technologies.

The InnWave family consists of 2 types of vibration machines:

  • Purely vertical vibration systems, and thanks to its patented design, the vibration table design that combine vertical vibration
  • And an angular vibration system to simulate movements of Pitch & Roll, very important and with large adverse effects on the packaging during transport.


Safe Load vibrations system vs other hydraulic vibration testers

Safe Load TT offers in its innWave family a wide range of options, in addition offers the possibility of P&R vibration simulation.

Another advantage of innWave vibration machines is that these machines are commanded by Real Vibrations controllers, controllers designed by Vincent Rouillard and Michael S. Sek, both professors at the University of Vitoria (Melbourne). They have more than 20 years of experience studying packaging engineering and vibration analysis.

Safe Load TT vertical table

Within the range of vertical vibration systems, Safe Load offers a wide range of options: frequencies that can reach up to 500Hz, test loads of more than 1500kg.

  • One of the features is the possibility of two types of maximum stroke, one of 75mm to simulates all the standard procedures ISTA, ISO, ASTM… and another with a stroke of 200mm.
  • This machine with longer stroke offers the possibility of simulating any type of tests, the standard procedures, but also, thanks to the controller of Real Vibrations, can simulate any PSD of a real transport route registered by a vibration data recorder, innRecord (Safe Load TT), or any other vibration recorder of the market.
  • Real vibrations controllers have 3 kind of control interfaces depending on the level of the final user: simple mode, advanced mode or scientific mode, designed for research and simulation centers.
This machine can simulate any PSD of a real transport route registered by a vibration data recorder.

Safe Load TT pitch and roll module

The technology patented by Safe Load allows us the possibility of performing angular P&R vibrations.

The standard vibration shakers of Safe Load TT offer rotations of ±5⁰, anyway, as in all their machines, Safe Load TT offers the possibility of customizing these rotation limits under customer specifications. Like vertical vibration testers, P&R machines can simulate PSDs of registered transport routes.

To complete its offer in vibration systems, Safe Load gives the possibility of buying a vertical vibration machine with P&R included, a vertical vibration machine with pre-installation to add a P&R module in the future.

And, since many customers already have a vibration machine of another brand, Safe Load TT offers a P&R module adaptable to any vertical vibration machine from the competition with a minimum pre-installation work.


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The possibility of update your vertical machine to a new vibration testing table with angular movements is something that only Safe Load TT offers, no other brand in the market can offer that.

In addition, ISTA association is studying new procedures that will include rotary movements of P&R, so it is a matter of time that these movements are mandatory.

Why choose Safe Load TT’s vibration testing machines

Safe Load TT offers a wide range of options for vibration testing tables. All its vibration systems can simulate the vibration tests of the standards, as well as simulate PSDs of registered routes with any data recorder on the market thanks to the advanced controls of Real Vibrations.

In addition, if you already have a vertical vibration table, Safe Load TT offers a P&R module adaptable to any existing machine of the competition, updating your existing machine to a new one, without spend a lot of money buying a complete new one. Contact us for more information.