During the life cycle, the products experience different types of hazards which may affect its content and integrity. Movements during load and unload, vibrations during transportation, vibrations during working life… These hazards are the cause of the majority of products damages, due to poor packaging, resonance frequencies, etc

In order to prevent and avoid these problems, final products just as packaged goods should be tested to: know resonance frequencies of products, optimize designs and optimize packaging to protect the final product during transport.

A vibration test table is the best solution to optimize design against vibration forces.

Vibration systems: characteristics

Vibration test systems simulate all the vibrations that a load may suffer during the distribution process or the working life.

By using a vibration test table it is possible to evaluate the ability that a package/product has to protect the product that is being transported, and to optimize it for it to guarantee the safety of the load.

Reasons for buying a vibration tester include the fact that they enable the compliance with product safety international standards such as ISTA, ASTM or EN.

The characteristics of vibration test table vary depending on the kind of test: the test can be vertical, horizontal, angular or a combination of them.

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Best vibration testing equipment suppliers on the market

Nowadays, not a lot of companies offer good solutions to optimize packaging against vibration forces. The most popular companies are: Lansmont and LAB equipment in USA, and Safe Load Testing Technologies in Europe.

Features of the Lansmont vibration table

Lansmont offers 3 kind of vibration testing equipment:

  • Vertical vibration System: in vertical vibration Lansmont offers a wide range of solutions depending on the: vibration stroke, testing load size, maximum frequency …
  • Horizontal vibration system: Lansmont offers one horizontal vibration table, the Model 6000H
  • TruMotion: is the last solution of Lansmont, a vibration machine that combines vertical vibration and Pitch and Roll movements. Some of the characteristics of this machine are:
    • 3629 kg of load (8000 lbs.)
    • Testing platform of 2743 mm x 1676 mm
    • Max vertical displacement of 152 mm
    • Max rotational angles of +/- 6.5⁰

Safe Load Testing Technologies’ vibration test table

Safe Load TT has developed 3 vibrations test systems that performs the simulation of vertical vibrations, pitch and roll movements produced by various means of handling and transportation.

Some of the general characteristics of Safe Load TT vibration test tables are:

  • Servo-hydraulic vibration systems
  • Test tables of different sizes from 500 to 1800 mm x mm
  • Standard PSD for testing included
  • Able to reproduce recorded PSD (from innRecord or other data recorder)

Moreover, Safe Load TT vibration tables uses an intuitive control software by Real Vibrations, some of the applications of this software are:

  • Transport trials / simulation for packaging and ride quality (including Pitch and Roll motion).
  • Vehicle ride simulators
  • Sine and swept-sine testing for product stress screening and endurance testing.
  • Multi-post road simulators
  • Seismic motion simulators.
  • Water wave generators

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This control is able to generate shock-on-random, sine-on-random and random-on-random vibrations signals.

innWave, the family of Safe Load TT is composed by 3 different products:

  • Vertical vibration system: the solution for only vertical vibration:
    • Testing load up to 2500 kg
    • Able to simulates all the packaging standards
    • Frequency up to 300Hz

This design is ready to mount a P&R module

  • Vertical vibration + P&R system: a complete vibration system that combines vertical and angular movements in one machine. These machines offer the characteristics of the vertical vibration machine added to the possibility of simulates the movements of P&R having a more accurate result.

The vibration profiles to simulate can be the standard or monitored profiles from and innRecord.

  • Pitch & Roll module: Using his patented technology, Safe Load TT is able to update an existing vertical vibration table, not matter the manufacturer, into an innovative vibration tester in 3 axes: vertical, pitch and roll.

Different studies prove that loads are not just affected by vertical vibration, but by pitch and roll movements as well.

Pitch & Module Safe Load TT


Some of the advantages are:
  • Cheaper than a complete V,P&R device
  • Doesn’t need an extra foundation or seismic mass
  • Completely independent module controller by real Vibrations
  • Customized design to fit in your machine




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Advantages of Safe Load TT’s vibration testers

Safe Load TT offers in the family or products innWave a wide range of solution to optimize not only the packaging, if not all the products subjected to vibrations.

A system adapted to customer necessities added to an intuitive controller developed by vibration experts of the University of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia makes the innWave products the best solution to simulates packaging vibration.

For more information check all the possibilities of vibration testing equipments offered by Safe Load TT.

In addition, we are committed to offering a 24/48 hour reply to any technical question, and we offer maintenance services.

Do you have questions on how to find the best vibration test system for your business?

Get in touch with us and we will advise you so that you can find the most suitable transportation simulation equipment.