The transport and logistics industries are undergoing a technological transformation. The importance of safe and sustainable shipping is increasingly in the focus of governments and end customers. 

It is therefore essential to follow all the news and learn new perspectives from the best blogs and online magazines about the supply chain.


Which transport and logistics blogs you should follow

Talking Logistics

The Talking Logistics blog combines multimedia elements such as videos and online articles. The platform was created by Adrián González, analyst and strategic advisor on logistics and supply chain. In it, he interviews influential people in the industry to provide new perspectives in an innovative format such as the video interview. 

Supply Chain Brain

The Supply Chain Brain online publication aims to become the most comprehensive supply chain management blog, discussing both industry principles and trends and best practices. It is geared towards a clear profile: senior executives seeking competitive advantage, managing industry risks and aligning this area of work with strategic business efforts. 


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Logistics Manager

The Logistics Manager blog is an online and paper publication about transport and logistics based in Thailand, with thousands of subscribers and followers in social networks. It is an initiative especially focused on covering the global shipping scene.

Freight Waves

Freight Waves aims to cover transport and logistics information, while publishing news about an industry “under attack by digitalization, volatility, regulations and (…) trends”. Thus, they describe their role as providers of information, analysis and commentary for those involved in this area, marked by transformations at different levels. 

Their objective is therefore to provide information on which their readers can then make decisions and implement actions, for which they aggregate data from different sources that allow for in-depth knowledge of this market. 

Supply Chains in Medium

The Supply Chains blog takes advantage of the publishing platform Medium to generate an online supply chain magazine. The blog is managed by Benjamin Gordon, who is also a founder and partner in the US transport and logistics company Cambridge Capital. 

The platform has a base of expert contributors who provide their own view on the industry. According to the blog’s own motto, it is the place where “the transport of the old economy meets the technology of the new economy”. 

DC Velocity

DC Velocity is a multimedia publication focused on transportation and logistics for executives and managers in the industry. With an informative style, they cover external and internal logistics, along with the latest technologies that facilitate these tasks, trying to find a way for their readers to access the competitive advantage they are looking for. 

At the same time, articles about best practices and success cases, market research and interviews with leading professionals in the industry are featured. 


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Logistics viewpoints

With a more minimalist design and focus on the written format, Logistics Viewpoints is another supply chain publication to consider. It is an online blog powered by the ARC Advisory Group, whose analysts Steve Banker, Clint Reiser and Chris Cunnane have four decades of industry experience. 

In the words of the publication itself, they try to answer the three questions that any professional in the field asks today: What are the trends in the industry? Why are they important? And what steps should I take to respond to these transformations?


JOC is a major publication on container shipping and trade, whose more than 30,000 Twitter followers attest to its relevance and quality. Its contents are divided into the different modes of transport (sea, rail, road) as well as other topics of interest to the industry (regulations, new technologies, logistics and events), all at a global level. It also offers additional services such as whitepapers, webcasts and podcasts.

Transport Topic News

Transport Topic News is a Canadian-based transportation and logistics publication focused on road transport to promote the best evidence-based decisions for its readers. Directed by Sue Hensley and with a team of three specialized editors, they work to generate innovative content such as live panel discussions or articles that integrate the possibilities of the digital. 

Logistics Business Magazine

With a somewhat outdated design, Logistics Business Magazine generates relevant content for the transportation and logistics industry. Its sections include transport and distribution, warehousing and packaging, making it one of the most complete publications for supply chain professionals. 


Safe Load TT Academy: our contribution

At Safe Load Testing Technology we put our experience at the forefront of transport simulation for packaging and safety knowledge in the distribution cycle through our blog and our dedicated training section, Academy

The aim is to bring together relevant materials for industry professionals on the latest technology trends and developments in the sector to help make informed decisions. 

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