Grifal, the Italian company dedicated to providing packaging solutions, has relied on Safe Load Testing Technologies to complete its laboratory by purchasing new packaging testing machines. We analyze step by step the process and the advantages obtained by Grifal Spa with this equipment.

Grifal‘s needs and goals in packaging

Grifal began its career in the packaging industry in 1969.

Two of Grifal‘s areas of expertise are the generation of packaging for companies and packaging testing.

As such, Grifal is in charge of the entire packaging production chain: from design to certification in accordance with international standards. In this way, your customers receive the packaging certified and ready to use.

At the same time as the industry is advancing, the Italian company has made an effort to keep abreast of new developments and new challenges posed by the new panorama of globalization and international shipments.

This ability to develop new products and industrial processes is what has allowed them to become leaders among packaging testing companies.  

Following this line of innovation and attention to new trends, Grifal has detected the need to improve its packaging testing laboratory.

In particular, the Italian company seeks to increase the number and type of tests it is able to perform, aiming to be able to certify packaging according to the international standards ISTA, ASTM or ISO.

With this, it wanted to have access to three tools:

  • Having the ability to test its custom developments for customers.
  • Using transport simulation to develop new products.
  • Developing the ability to certify its customers’ packaging according to ISTA standards.

The ultimate aim is for Grifal to acquire the capacity to offer a better service to its customers in all processes related to the packaging production chain.

Thus, Grifal concluded that by acquiring new packaging testing machines it was able to offer added value to its customers: it would not only be in charge of designing customized packaging, but would also be able to test it, verifying that the packaging designed is capable of withstanding the forces suffered during transport and handling.

In short, Grifal seeks to achieve a greater number of satisfied customers by increasing the number of services it can offer, providing a comprehensive experience around packaging.  

The solution for Grifal: new packaging testing machines

Faced with this challenge, Grifal saw the need to buy new packaging testing machines that would enable the company to offer these services.

After analyzing their needs thanks to Safe Load Testing Technologies, the acquisition of two new packaging testing machines was seen as a solution:

  • A compression tester, which tests the ability of a package to resist compression forces and creep test.

This Safe Load equipment is designed to meet ASTM and ISTA standards and is capable of testing different types of packaging, including unit loads and pallets.  


  • An inclined impact tester that simulates horizontal impacts and blows that can affect the stability and safety of the load during transport and handling.

This equipment is also designed to comply with ISTA standards (1A, B, C, E, G, H; 2A, B, C; 3B, E, K; 4 Series; 6-SAMSCLUB, 6-AMAZON.COM) and ASTM D4169-16 Standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers and systems.

How Safe Load TT helped Grifal

Grifal contacts Safe Load TT when it detects the need to buy new packaging testing machines. From then on, both companies have worked together through various processes, to locate the most appropriate equipment for the Italian company.

Thus, Safe Load TT put at Grifal Spa‘s disposal its experience and expertise in the field of packaging design and optimization, in order to find the best solution to the company’s needs.

Phases of the process

Grifal‘s acquisition of new packaging testing machines can be summarized in 3 phases:

  • A first phase of research, in which Safe Load worked with Grifal to establish which equipment is most needed and best fits with the products they offer.

Grifal established questions focused on the technical characteristics of packaging testing according to ISTA. For example, what is the maximum force of the compressor tester, or the maximum impact speed (in the case of the inclined impact tester).

In general, a contact was established with Safe Load Testing Technologies equipment: what capacity each equipment has, what tests they can perform or what sizes they are.

  • In the second phase, Safe Load helped Grifal with regard to the specific tests to be carried out.

The Italian company came to Safe Load because of its many years of experience in setting up laboratories according to ISTA standards, as Safe Load puts all its knowledge in this field at their clients’ disposal.

Grifal also received help on how to set up the layout of the packaging testing laboratory.

  • Finally, once the equipment had been received, a training process begins in which Safe Load explains and clarifies the operation of its machines: from how to use the new packaging testing machines acquired, to how to carry out the specific tests that Grifal wants to carry out, or what is the appropriate maintenance of the equipment.  

In this way, Safe Load delivers a packaging laboratory ready to use, adapted to the needs of the Italian company and with the added value of training, so that the equipment can be used intuitively and without problems.

Why Safe Load Testing Technologies was chosen

Grifal chose Safe Load Testing Technologies for several reasons:

  • Grifal Spa wanted to be able to offer its customers certification according to international standards (especially ISTA). In this way, they turned to Safe Load due to their knowledge in that domain: we have personnel with more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of ISTA protocols.
  • Safe Load equipment is not only designed in accordance with international standards (ISTA, ASTM, ISO…) but also intuitive and simple to use.

In addition, maintenance of the new packaging testing machines acquired by Grifal will be simple and occasional.

  • The involvement of Safe Load Testing Technologies in the whole process: from the selection of the appropriate machines, to helping to establish a layout for the packaging laboratory, to the training to make a safe and efficient use of the equipment.

The panorama of packaging testing companies such as Grifal

The packaging testing companies’ sector is very competitive: it is an industry in full expansion, due to the huge demand for packaging solutions that protect goods. With the increase in international shipments (due in part to the explosion of e-commerce), the need to protect the products shipped is also growing.

By purchasing new packaging testing machines, Grifal takes one step ahead of its competitors.

As such, it seeks to offer an integral service to its customers (from the design of the packaging to its certification), adding an added value that will differentiate them from other companies that are not following this philosophy.

For example, currently only large producers of boxes or packaging solutions have laboratories similar to Grifal Spa. Thanks to the new packaging testing machines, this Italian company is ahead of its competitors, as it is able to offer a comprehensive service to its customers.

Does your company need new packaging testing machines, but you don’t know where to start? Are you looking to improve your packaging laboratory following the latest trends and methods?

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, we put our two decades of experience in the packaging industry at your service.

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