BFSV, the German company dedicated to help ship operators and shippers to get transport damage under control, has relied on Safe Load Testing Technologies to complete its laboratory by purchasing a clamp tester. With this acquisition, now BSFV  is ready to cover ISTA 6-Amazon protocol.

BFSV (Beratungsstelle für seemäßige Verpackung) was founded in 1954 and since that days focus its work in:

Packaging research as a member of the Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF)

Practical advice to develop intelligent, reliable and economic packaging solutions and transfer them directly into the practical world.

Packaging testing from determination of packaging parameters to simulation of shipment stresses. BFSV collaborates closely with the packaging technology laboratory at the Faculty of Life Sciences of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW).

Academic teaching: linked to the Institute to the Faculty of Life Sciences of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW).

Needs and goals of BFSV in packaging

BFSV is expert in export packaging, stowage in containers, corrugated-board packaging, heavy goods packaging and corrosion protection. On this basis they have built up over the years a sound expert knowledge of the entire spectrum of transport packaging and specialized primary packaging systems.

They use the latest methods to investigate packaging materials, packaging, packing aids and entire systems of product and packaging, thereby accompanying the development of tailor-made packaging solutions.

To this end they use classic mechanical strength tests, for example, and also simulation of loads arising from transport, handling and storage – e.g. climate, vibration and compression tests.

BFSV has been one of the six ISTA-verified test laboratories in Germany since 2010.

As ISTA member, BFSV has the need is being improving in testing devices according to the new procedures.

Now, the boom of e-commerce has implied an exponential increase of commercial shipping worldwide. International companies as Amazon in association with ISTA have develop a new packaging testing protocol. This protocol will be required to sell products in Amazon from August 2019.

To carry out this new protocol ISTA 6 ( SIOC / -Samsclub), the following machines are needed:

Climate chamber

Compression tester

Vibration tester

Drop tester

Shock tester

Clamping tester

The first 5 machines are common in the majority of ISTA protocols, just as in other testing procedures ASTM, ISO, etc.

Till now, BSFV had been able to simulate ISTA and ASTM protocols, with this new ISTA-6 comes up the necessity of increase the testing lab and include the clamping test.

The solution for BFSV: a new clamping testing machine.

As a new device, only a few companies can offer the clamping machine. BFSV contacts Safe Load TT for advice to know which machine is the most suitable to cover ISTA 6-Amazon protocol. Safe Load TT is the first company in offer this clamping device in Europe, and thanks of more than 15 years of experience, was chosen for BFSV to optimize its testing lab.

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innClamp is a family designed to measure the protective capacity of packages of products when suffers horizontal press during warehouse automatic storage.



The model offer to BFSV is the model SF-CL1200, able to test package from 400 to 1200 mm, up to 300kg. SF-CL1200 can apply a horizontal force up to 10000N with a load accuracy of ±5%, in a consistent rate movement to apply uniform compression on the load. All of this commanded by a touch screen, with ethernet connection and the possibility of check the deformation graph of the test.



Phases of the process

BFSV‘s acquisition of new clamping testing machine can be summarized in 3 phases:

  At first, Safe Load TT worked with BFSV to find out which equipment is most needed depending of its necessities.

Both companies put together the requirements of the ISTA procedure and the requirements of BFSV (max package dimensions, weight…)

     In second phase, when the requirements of BFSV are set. Safe Load TT proposes the most suitable innClamp model and star with the engineering phase of the process.

During this phase both companies are in continuous cooperation.

   Finally, when the innClamp machines is finished and sent to BFSV, one of Safe Load TT technicians goes to BFSV to

  • install the machine
  • train BFSV stuff about all the operation of the innClamp machine, just as explain all the maintenance operations.


Antonio Madrigal,  Technical Manager of Safe Load Testing Technologies with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Sadlowsky (left),  Dipl.-Ing. Frank Volkmann (right) and M.Sc. Johanna Lipski from BFSV.

Why Safe Load Testing Technologies was chosen

BFSV chose Safe Load Testing Technologies for several reasons:

  BFSV wanted to be able to offer its customers certification according to international standards (especially ISTA). In this way, they turned to Safe Load due to their knowledge in that domain: we have personnel with more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of ISTA protocols.

   Safe Load equipment is not only designed in accordance with international standards (ISTA, ASTM, ISO…) but also intuitive and simple to use.

In addition, maintenance of the new packaging testing machines acquired by BFSV will be simple and occasional.

The involvement of Safe Load Testing Technologies in the whole process: from the selection of the appropriate machines, to helping to establish a layout for the packaging laboratory, to the training to make a safe and efficient use of the equipment.

The panorama of packaging testing companies such as BFSV

The packaging testing companies’ sector is very competitive: it is an industry in full expansion, due to the huge demand for packaging solutions that protect goods. With the increase in international shipments (due in part to the explosion of e-commerce), the need to protect the products shipped is also growing.

By purchasing new clamping testing machine, BFSV takes one step ahead of its competitors.

As such, it seeks to offer an integral service to its customers (from the design of the packaging to its certification), adding an added value that will differentiate them from other companies that are not following this philosophy.

Does your company need new packaging testing machines, but you don’t know where to start? Are you looking to improve your packaging laboratory following the latest trends and methods?

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, we put our two decades of experience in the packaging industry at your service.

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