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Stretch & Manupackaging “Mobile test engineering lab” is the first in the Nordic region to offer on-site stretch film tests at the customer’s facilities.

The company, founded in the 1970s, is today one of Sweden’s most well-known companies and specializes in packaging solutions and materials for many different types of plastic, mainly stretch film.

Stretch also stands out for carrying out unique stretch film tests, which allow its customers to obtain an optimized packaging solution while reducing stretch film consumption and C02 emissions.

New Stretch & Manupackaging “Mobile test engineering lab”

The company, a leader in stretch film testing for several years, is taking the next step to meet its customers’ demands with the creation of a “Mobile test engineering lab”.

Stretch, in collaboration with Manupackaging, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of stretch film, has developed the Mobile Test Engineering Lab to adapt the tests to the specific conditions of each customer and perform them on-site at the customer’s facilities.

The mobile laboratory is made up of the patented Boomerang Horizontal Tester and the innVision Pro System developed by Safe Load Testing Technologies. These are the latest technologies on the market to evaluate load stability and to optimize packaging to withstand the hazards of distribution cycle.

The Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester is a compact and mobile solution ready to be transported on a truck, being a perfect solution to create mobile laboratories such as Stretch & Manupackaging “Mobile test engineering lab”.

The lab is then ready to travel to its customers’ facilities in order to perform acceleration tests on-site in line with major international standards such as EUMOS 40509 and the US FMCSA requirements for load safety.

According to the words of Jens Hellström, Managing Director of the company “It also felt important to find a mobile solution to make it easier for customers in this area. We have had access to regular test labs for several years, but this makes it much more complicated as we cannot perform the tests with the machine equipment that customers have in their premises”.

“On a fixed test lab there can be a new stretch film machine that gives fantastic results with the customer’s pallets. But if they are then to transfer the settings to the customer’s older machines, it will not be easy or completely fair. It will be like putting a Formula One car against a Volvo Amazon and expecting the same result” Hellström adds.

Complies with EU Directives EUMOS 40509

The logistics and transportation industry has changed significantly in recent years, generating growing concern about the conditions to which cargo is subjected during the distribution cycle. Since packages during transport face many different hazards that can cause significant damage, from product losses worth millions of euros to serious road accidents.

That is why cargo safety has become a priority for the entire industry, governments and associations such as EUMOS (European Safe Logistics Association), which has created the EUMOS 40509 method with the to ensure the safety and rigidity of the cargo.

The contribution of Stretch to this matter is the Stretch & Manupackaging “Mobile test engineering lab” to bring these tests closer to their clients to comply with EUMOS regulations.

Save lives – Save money – Reduce CO2 emissions

Stretch through stretch film tests is able to ensure that the customer’s packaging is stable, guaranteeing safe transportation for carriers and their employees.

It also ensures that the products reach the end customer in good condition, reducing costs due to losses and claims, and improving brand image.

In addition, by using the Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester, Stretch customers have achieved an average reduction of 25-60% in the use of stretch film, which also means a reduction of their CO2 emissions and packaging waste.

Safe Load Testing Technologies supports this mission by providing innovative packaging optimization and validation solutions to leading companies, such as Samuel Grant, Metropack, Dow Chemical or TrioWorld, who upgraded their labs, to provide safer and optimized packaging solutions to their customers.

If you also want to optimize your pallet loads and ensure safe transport, do not hesitate to contact us. We will work to find the best solution for your company!