What is an accelerated stability testing?


The stability test simulates the horizontal accelerations, as well as decelerations, that may be produced during distribution cycle by different means of transport. The main purpose of a stability test in transport simulation is to ensure the rigidity and safety of the loads.


Product stability testing features. EUMOS 40509 method.


Eumos 40509:2012 describes a dynamic test method to evaluate the rigidity of a load unit subjected to horizontal accelerations and decelerations(such as those produced during road transport), including a detailed description of test conditions, evaluation criteria for pallet load deformation, and test certificate specifications.


Eumos 40509 method procedure:


-The load unit to be tested is placed in a basket.

-The basket accelerates in the direction of motion with a specific acceleration of k * g for at least 0.3 seconds, and then decelerates.

-The change from a resting situation to the specific acceleration cannot take more than 0.05 seconds.

There is also an alternate method, which consists of accelerating the loading basket for a long-enough period and then decelerating with a specific deceleration of k * g for at least 0.3 seconds. In this case, the change from acceleration to deceleration should also take no more than 0.05 seconds.

The Safe Load’s Horizontal Stability Tester can perform a stability test in accordance with the EUMOS 40509 method.

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