Consultancy in packaging engineering and transport simulation

We provide a comprehensive professional service based on our profound experience and expertise in the transport simulation testing. We provide expert consultancy regarding the solutions that better fits each company needs in order to maximize their inversion and minimize risk.

Furthermore, we give advice concerning the tests and procedures available, the characterization of the product + packaging system, the optimization of the packaging and the security during the distribution cycle under real-world conditions.

Design and develop turn-key motion testing equipment

We offer a full range of integral solutions to simulate and evaluate the packaging behavior during transport.

As we are the developers of the solutions, we are able to customize ad-hoc and adapt every equipment according to specific needs of each customer or sector.

Our process includes:

Previous analysis to validate the companies’ needs.

Design and development of technological equipment in line with specific requirements from industry.

Design of the equipment from concept up to the equipment detailed technical drawings and data sheets.

Construction of the equipment, performance testing, improvements and quality check process.

Installation and start-up of the equipment in the customer facilities.

Training program on transport simulation and use of the technology and the equipment installed.

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