EUMOS – The European Safe Logistic Association is a Non-Profit Association fully committed to the EU objective aiming at reducing fatalities on the road and ensuring cargo securing and load safety.

In the framework, EUMOS has organized the 6th International EUMOS Conference that will take place at the Hotel Balneario Las Arenas, in the city of Valencia (Spain) on 28 and 29 November.

The event will gather several international reputed voices who will address crucial topics talking about their expertise and point of view in the area. 

During the conference, participants will discuss openly about the chain of responsibility with actual european and national regulations providing the best practices for load stability and cargo securing, from 6 different perspectives:

  • Institutional & Inspection
  • Cargo Securing
  • Load Stability & Packaging
  • Carriers, Trailers & Damages
  • Validation & Certification
  • Compliance & Chain of Responsibility

Furthermore, there will be a Networking Lounge were sponsors and visitors will meet during the two days to discuss about cargo securing and the latest innovation to comply EUMOS and the overall EU strategy.

Safe Load Testing Technologies in the EUMOS Conference

In line with our active participation and concern about load stability and cargo securing, Safe Load Testing Technologies will support the conference as a proud GOLDEN Sponsor. Besides, we will give a speech with a practical demo, presenting our innovative innSlide Boomerang

Alberto Tellechea, Safe Load Testing Technologies´ CEO, will talk about the solutions to validate Load Stability from the first mile and show a practical demo of a brand owners inhouse tool with artificial vision. 

Through our participation in the International EUMOS Conference, we want to bring our knowledge in load stability and security thanks to the years of research and development of innovative transport simulation technologies.

InnSlide Boomerang: The new horizontal stability tester

The innSlide Boomerang is the world’s most compact equipment for acceleration tests, such as EUMOS 40509, to measure the stability and rigidity of load

This solution is characterized by being extraordinarily compact and transportable. In addition, it allows validating whether a load is suitable or unfit in a matter of seconds thanks to the innSlide Vision Pro artificial vision system. A leading and unique program in the market applied to transport simulation technologies, which includes a high-speed artificial vision camera and software to record and analyze the results in real time, generating an automatic report with photos and videos that show the deformation of the unit load at every moment.



Any company whose product is susceptible to damage in transport or pallets are susceptible to deformation  endangering transport, now has the possibility to verify their pallets in their own facilities in a fast, reliable and professional way, optimizing them to increase security, contribute to sustainability and increase logistics and cost efficiency.

If you are looking for a solution to ensure the security and stability of the load, don´t hesitate to contact us. We are experts in the field with more than 20 years of experience, we will give you advice and consultancy about the innSlide solution that better fits the needs of your company.