Safe Load Testing Technologies has established an agreement of design, manufacture and supply of ad-hoc testing equipment with the Italian company Fater S.p.A., which manufactures and distributes internationally products of Ace Neoblanc and Comet brand.

The provided equipment has been developed according to the customer’s requirements in order to improve the quality of the packaging of its products through the use of the latest technology equipment and quality verification. Our R&D Manager, Enrique de La Cruz, moved to the customer facilities in order to present the equipment and train the staff.


Bottle tester features


The equipment provided is a Bottle Tester device, which has been designed for measuring plastic bottles deformation produced by variation of the internal pressure. The bottle tester generates internal pressure or vacuum and it is able to measure the volume variations, the deformation at three different points and also internal pressure changes. It can be used with all type of bottles, such as carbonated drink bottles or cleaning bottles, with a maximum volume of 12L.

The device has got two main parts, the testing chamber and the software control. The testing chamber has got all the components for pressure/vacuum generation and measurement, and the control software can control the testing procedure pressure or vacuum testing and record the testing measured parameters in a file.

In addition, the pump can generate a pressure range between -0,5bar to 15bar, and the pressure sensor can measure between -0,5bar and 4’5bar, with 1mbar sensibility.

About Fater S.p.A.


Fater is an Italian company, a joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group. It manufactures and distributes the brand products ACE Neoblanc and Comet in 39 countries in the Western European and Ceemea markets; in Italy it has been expanding the market of personal hygiene products since the late ’60 and it now produces and sells brand products such as Pampers, LINES, LINES Specialist and Tampax.

Fater is a dynamic company that invests in innovation around 4% of its annual turnover. Consumer and market knowledge shared competences and search for efficiency are the drivers of growth in the long run. Their headquarters are in Pescara. Production plants are in Pescara and Campochiaro (CB) in Italy and abroad in Porto, Portugal, Mohammedia, Morocco, and in Gebze, Turkey.


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