Safe Load Testing Technologies has established a strategic partnership with Real Vibrations Systems Developers, an Australian company that specialises in the development of sophisticated and easy to use vibration analyzers and vibration controllers. Through the partnership, all control software programs will be developed by Real Vibrations, together with the Technical Department of Safe Load Testing Technologies. In the same way, our company will take responsibility for distributing and supporting Real Vibrations products.

The agreement, signed by Vincent Rouillard and Michael Sek, as Directors of Real Vibrations, and Alberto Tellechea, as General Manager of Safe Load Testing Technologies, took place last March after an intensive week. Both companies worked together in the development of new machines prototypes that Safe Load will release to the market shortly, as well as the development of the commercial and marketing strategy of both companies. From now, both teams will keep working together as business partners in a common online platform.

Alberto Tellechea claims to be very satisfied with the business partnership agreement reached. “It will allow for the development of equipment with the best control technology in the market. In addition, we agreed on a constant and flexible communication procedure, which will help us to optimize our work in the technical and R&D area of both companies”, states Alberto Tellechea.

The relationship between both companies began ten years ago, when the first prototypes developed by Safe Load incorporated the software control programs of the Michael A. Sek, Director and Technical Principal of Real Vibrations, has expressed his great satisfaction with the partnership because now they can develop and install their programs in the new Safe Load machines immediately. For his part, Vincent Rouillard maintains that “this partnership will also allow for improved market exposure of Real Vibrations products”.

The agreement appears on the Real Vibrations web page, as this fusion will strengthen and benefit both companies within the sector worldwide.

About Real Vibrations Systems Developers

Real Vibrations Systems Developers was founded by Michael Sek and Vincent Rouillard. Together, they represent some sixty years’ experience in signal analysis, signal synthesis and control and software development. They are committed to create systems that are intuitive to use yet powerful enough to solve real-life vibration and signal analysis issues. Their principal strength is that they use a high-level programming platform and world-class off-the-shelf hardware modules to create the systems. This enables them to implement enhancements (often at the request of their customers) very swiftly.