ATESTOR Material Testing-Measurement Technology Ltd. is the latest distributor to join the Safe Load Testing team. The Hungarian company is aware that the solutions developed by Safe Load have a high level of innovation, standing out for their design and intuitive use.

Thus, the company has added to its portfolio the full range of Safe Load Testing Technologies solutions, to offer the Hungarian market the most up-to-the-art testing technologies in the field of transportation simulation, to reproduce all physical and mechanical risks that can occur during cargo transportation.

Simulations performed with Safe Load solutions drive high accurate results, helping companies optimize packaging and ensure that packaging and products in the supply chain can make it through long transport and distribution processes without damage. As a result, companies are able to greatly reduce damage and costs, while also improving transport safety and reducing packaging waste and CO2 emissions.

As member of organizations such as ISTA, IAPRI and EUMOS, Safe Load is committed to providing high-quality, accurate and innovative technology that meets as many test standards and test processes as possible.

“Atestor is constantly looking for development opportunities and seeks to find innovative partners whose product portfolio can add to existing values. In this spirit, we have reached an agreement with our newest supplier, Safe Load Testing Technologies, based in Spain. With the help of their devices, our product range specializing in packaging testing has expanded with additional valuable members” said Nosztrai Ádám, Executive Director of Atestor.

The Hungarian company now offers Safe Load´s packaging and transport simulation testing equipment, and an efficient and fast customer service, along with an outstanding maintained service thanks to Atestor’s expert team.

About Atestor

Atestor has been selling materials testing and quality control machines for over 30 years. Its main area is environmental simulation for the automotive, energy, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, but the company also offers a number of solutions for testing coatings and packaging.

The company is a major supplier to the Hungarian Defense Forces, state agencies, universities and vocational high schools.

Atestor is constantly looking for new technologies and expanding its knowledge to provide fast and efficient solutions to problems related to manufacturing and product development.

Safe Load Testing Technologies official distributor network

Safe Load Testing Technologies’ commitment is, above all, to offer innovative, reliable, and high-quality solutions. For that reason, we only select distributors who are willing to meet our standards. Our international commercialization has expanded and, today, we have distributors in Turkey, Russia, China and USA. In addition to having a strong presence in Europe through our offices and distributors in Spain, France and Poland.

“We have reached an agreement with our new provider Atestor, who will distribute our solutions and will be in charge of customer service and maintenance throughout Hungary”.

As a fast-growing company committed to the development of high-quality products and the most advanced technology, we are pleased to know that more companies are interested in becoming our distributors and working with us. And, in this way, grow together and carry out our mission to offer the best packaging optimization and validation solutions worldwide.

If you want to be part of our distribution network, do not hesitate to contact us.