Climate change, packaging waste, CO2 emissions, demand an urgent response from all industry sectors. 

Among those sectors are the consumer packaging goods and the packaging industry, which are focused on the research and development of new and more sustainable materials and products to contribute to sustainability. 

To highlight the efforts of these companies within the packaging industry, Packaging Europe has created the Sustainability Awards, the most serious, rigorous, and prestigious global competition for sustainability in packaging. 

The Sustainability Awards sets the agenda on best practice, turning the spotlight on the innovation and R&D areas of start-ups and global brands.

This year’s edition has attracted a record-breaking 275 submissions representing every continent across the globe. Among them, the judges have selected the 30 finalists in seven categories. 

The winners in each category and the overall 2020 Sustainability Awards winner will be announced at the virtual Sustainable Packaging Summit on October 15th.


The innSlide Boomerang finalist in the Machinery Category

Among the submissions, Safe Load Testing Technologies has been selected as a finalist in the Machinery Category with the innSlide Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester, an advanced patented solution for packaging optimization that substantially reduces the CO2 emissions and increases safety along the distribution cycle.

The most revolutionary features of the Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester are the small dimensions that make it a transportable solution, and the innVision Pro, a leading and unique device in the market applied to transport simulation technologies that allow to do a test in a few seconds and includes an artificial vision system that records and automatically analyzes the load deformation, generating a report. The information obtained in this report is essential for companies to help them optimize their packaging and get them into the virtuous circle of ‘Sustainability & Safety & Efficiency’.


The environmental impact of the innSlide Boomerang

The packaging and freight industries commonly use plastic products as a packaging solution for wrapping and transport goods either as primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging. This has a major impact on sustainability in the form of waste and CO2 emissions

So, there are two ways of contributing to sustainability; one way is by recycling more, and the second way is using less plastic by optimizing the amount used. 

In this sense, Safe Load Testing Technologies has developed the innSlide Boomerang unit to help companies reduce the use of stretch film, in addition to optimizing packaging. In fact, customers that acquired the innSlide Boomerang, have achieved an average reduction of 25-30% in the use of stretch film as tertiary packaging, which has resulted in an average reduction of 15-20% of CO2 emissions.

If you are one of these companies concerned about sustainability and are interested in adopting strategies to reduce the volume of plastic in your company and optimize your packaging, don´t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the best solution for your company.

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