During the distribution cycle, the goods are exposed to a number of hazards that may damage them. In order to prevent this from happening, it is very important to study what risks the cargo is subjected to and, based on this, optimize the packaging to reduce them as much as possible. There are different technologies that enable you to know the threats faced by the merchandise during transport. One of the most important ones is an impact recorder.

Below we analyze what this device does and what advantages it can offer companies when improving the performance of their packaging.

“There are different technologies that enable you to know the threats faced by the merchandise during transport”


What is an ‘impact recorder for transportation’ and what is its technology?

An impact recorder for transportation is a device that
can be used to record factors that harm a load throughout the entire distribution cycle, such as axial and angular vibrations, shocks, accelerations or changes in temperature and moisture. Through the use of an impact recorder, the goal is to:

  • Detect any impact that may damage the cargo
  • Reduce losses and claims for damages when receiving the goods
  • Optimize the design and performance of the packaging

At Safe Load we have an
impact recorder that allows for non-stop recording during transport with highly precise resulting measurements, since it includes an internal battery that lasts between 5 and 10 days. Furthermore, using an external battery, this duration may be extended for up to 90 days.

Safe Load’s data recorder is technically an aluminum device whose size is 100x100x50 mm (4” x 4” x 2”) with a weight of approximately 800 grams (28 oz.). This device can be used at temperatures ranging from -20ºC to 60ºC (-4°F to 140°F), which allows it to, for example, be employed inside refrigerated trucks. Furthermore, through the use of an impact recorder you can detect movements such as tri-axial vibrations (x, y, z), accelerations, pitches and rolls and impacts.

“An impact recorder for transportation is a device that can be used to record factors that harm a load throughout the entire distribution cycle”

Safe Load's impact recorder

Shock recorder: reduce your transport damage

Safe Load’ impact recorder
, also known as data recorder or shock recorder, has many advantages for the companies that utilize it:

  • It is a unique solution that allows for the recording of tri-axial vibrations, accelerations, pitch and roll, as well as shocks for trucks, trains, ships and airplanes.
  • It can record vibrations during transport in 3 dimensions and 2-axis rotation (pitch and roll).
  • It can be used inside refrigerated trucks.
  • The data it collects is compatible with other Safe Load machines such as innDrop, innSlide, innWave and innShock to reproduce the transport conditions experienced by the cargo.
  • The registered routes can also be reproduced in the vibration simulator in order to optimize the packaging.

As we had already mentioned, the impact recorder can be used together with the innDrop (drop test machine), innSlide (EUMOS acceleration machine), innWave (vibration+pitch&roll machines) and innShock (impact machine) families. All of them allow the conditions under which the cargo has been transported to be replicated in order to improve the packaging to prevent damages and product losses.

In addition, companies that have a data recorder at their disposal can maximize their performance, since Safe Load offers courses where they can learn how to interpret the data collected with the Data Recorder and apply it to their laboratory tests.

“The impact recorder is a unique solution that allows tri-axial vibrations, accelerations, pitch and roll to be recorded”


Why you need a data recorder for transportation

Why do I need an impact recorder?

Most companies that export products need to
analyze the transport conditions and improve the packaging of their products in order to reduce losses. Which is why the impact recorder is so important, since it is a device that allows them to discover the damages experienced by the load during the transportation cycle in order to later prevent them.

Generally, customers who acquire a data recorder need a device that registers the vibrations and accelerations that the goods may experience during transportation, since these are the main factors that lead to cargo damages. The need to acquire an impact recorder may result from two situations:

  • Customers that currently already perform tests according to different standards, but who do not exactly address the real risks of the distribution chain and wish to perform tests that are closer to real conditions.
  • Customers who want to discover what happens to their goods during transport, since they are currently seeing damages by they don’t know what is causing them, and the shock recorder can register what problems can be found on the road.

Whichever the case,
the final goal is always to optimize the packaging. However, the use of the impact recorder can also have a different purpose, such as knowing whether the package travels in the right position or knowing whether the truck had been properly driven.

There are many companies across various sectors that already have an impact recorder at their disposal. These are some that have relied in Safe Load:

  • Company dedicated to manufacturing medical products for the heart that uses it to replicate the shocks in a package and thereby improve their drop impact tests.
  • Major Spanish retail company that uses it to replicate the shocks that take place in automatic warehouses and optimize its impact tests, handling, clamping and stability.
  • Renowned international hygiene product company uses the impact recorder to replicate the vibrations that take place during transportation in a laboratory in Canada.

In summary,
the impact recorder is an essential device for any company wishing to know and replicate the vibrations, accelerations, rotations and impacts that the cargo suffers throughout the distribution cycle, in order to know the cause of the damages suffered by the goods and address them.

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