Designed for monitoring the real distribution risks suffered by the load during the distribution cycle (axial vibrations, angular vibrations, shocks, accelerations).


The innRecord is an essential device to record the shocks, vibrations and accelerations that take place during transportation. This information can later be used in the design/optimization of the packaging to guarantee the safety of the goods.

Why choose our  Data Recorder?

Its design makes the DR2 a unique solution able to record continuously tri-axial vibrations, accelerations, pitch and roll movements, and shocks inside trucks, ships or airplanes during the distribution chain.

The family innRecord can register routes as a function of strength and frequency of vibrations during transportation (PSD) in 3 dimensions and the rotation in 2 axis (pitch and roll).

All data is recorded in a micro SD card and the registered routes can be reproduced in the vibration simulator tester for packaging optimization.

Furthermore, the collected data can be used with the families innDrop, innSlide, inWave and innShock to reproduce the transport conditions suffered by the load.


> Axial vibration accelerometer Triaxial MEMS 3 axes (x,y,z)

> Shock accelerometer Triaxial capacitive 3 axes (x,y,z)

> Gyroscope Dual-Axis MEMS 2 axes (x,y)

> Timer trigger: continuous recording

> Memory type Micro SD- card

> User set up interface Software DR™

Mechanical specifications

> Size 100x100x50mm.

> Chassis material / Material case: Aluminum.

> Weight: 800 gr.

> Environmental: Weather resistant (-20° to +60° C).

> Optional Mounting: Magnet / Structure attachment.


The information logged by the Safe Load TT’s shock recorder is stored in a micro SD card.

Then, the collected and subsequently analyzed information can be reproduced with the innDrop, innSlide, innWave and innShock product families, allowing to simulate  the real conditions in which the cargo is transported to be foreseen.

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