Pitch & Roll module

Simulates the pitch and roll movements on an existing vertical vibration table. Using the patented technology of our P&R vibration machine, we can update an existent vertical vibration table into an innovative vibration tester in 3 axes to measure: Vertical, Pitch & Roll.



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Pitch and Roll vibration system features:

Using the patented technology of our P&R module, we are able to update an existing vertical vibration table, no matter the manufacturer, in an innovative vibration tester in 3 axes: vertical, pitch & roll.

Our machines enable to reproduce the Power Spectral Density (PSD) obtained by the Data Recorder during a real transport in order to reproduce the vibrations and the pitch and roll movements recorded by the device on a given route.

In addition, the system features a table in different sizes, a servo-hydraulic vibration system, 1-G Air dumpers for static load support, a P&R frequency range up to 20Hz and a P&R rotation ±5⁰ (other rotation range optional).

The system also includes a friendly control software provided by Real Vibrations.

The Pith & Roll Module can be installed inside a climatic chamber that allows testing under real climatic conditions.



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Advantages of pitch & roll vibration system:


 More affordable than a complete Vibration, Pitch & Roll device

>  Don’t need an extra foundation or seismic mass

>  Module controller completely independent

>  Independent HPU

>  Customize design to fit in your machine

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