Multi-Channel Real-time Signal Analyser

This multi-channel signal analyser offers sophisticated analysis of dynamic signal in real time. Its ease-of-use makes it an extremely versatile instrument for any serious experimentation.

Multi-Channel Signal Analyser includes:


Real-time capture and analysis on up to 32 channels (16 bit resolution) simultaneously at up to 2MS/s aggregate

>  Easy to configure instrument setup

> Fully configurable digital filters

> Capable of many analysis techniques:

– Power Spectral Density

– Probability Density Distribution

– Non-stationary signal analysis (RMS, skewness, kurtosis and crest factor distributions)

– Frequency Response (transfer) Functions

– Synchronous averaging (random decrement analysis)

– Octave analysis

Potential applications:

Structural integrity monitoring Machine health monitoring Offshore structures performance >  Laboratory-based structural and dynamic analysis Transport vibration analysis Acoustic analysis