Multi-axis Vibration Shaker Controllers

Our single or multi-axis vibration controllers use sophisticate control algorithms to re-create all kinds of random, transient and harmonic vibrations.



> Transport trials / simulation for packaging and ride quality (including Pitch and Roll motion).

> Vehicle ride simulators

> Sine and swept-sine testing for product stress screening and endurance testing.

> Multi-post road simulators

> Seismic motion simulators.

> Water wave generators

Multi-Axis Vibration Shaker Controller features:


Designed for single and multi-axis shakers (linear and angular motion)

> Compatible with any type of vibration shaker (servo-hydraulic, electrodynamic..)

> Intuitive and easy to use

> Controls random vibrations (PSD), shocks and transients, sine and swept-sine as well as signal replication

> 16 bit accuracy and up to 16,000 spectral lines  at up to 2 MSamples/s aggregate

> Capable of generating non-Gaussian and nonstationary random vibrations

> Capability to generate shock-on-random, sine-on-random and random-on-random vibrations