The innVision family is conformed by two high-speed artificial vision systems to record and analyze the deformation of the unit load.

innVision ST

The innVision ST system is composed by high-speed camera and software to measure the unit load deformation. Once the test is finished, the system creates a report with all the information regarding the deformation suffered by the load.

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innVision PRO

The innVision PRO is a leading and unique program in the market applied to transport simulation technologies that includes a high-speed artificial vision camera and software to record and analyze the results in real time, generating an automatic report with photos and videos, that show the deformation of the unit load at every moment.

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innVision Pro

Why choose  Safe Load TT  innVision solutions?


We provide companies with high-speed cameras to record load deformation second by second. After the analysis of the images, it´s possible to see the deformation of the unit load frame by frame and generate a video to view the entire test.


The software is able to analyze the deformation in real time, generating an automatic report with photos and videos, that show the deformation of the unit load at every moment.


 The innVision solutions have been created to help companies to optimize the unit loads. Thus, they can be used for own quality control tests, to measure the load stability or to comply with main test procedures or standards, such as EUMOS 40509.


The innVision SET system and the innVision PRO system can be used with different testing solutions, such as:

> innSlide family: the Horizontal Stability Testers are designed to simulate the horizontal accelerations and decelerations typical of distribution cycles, in order to optimize packaging to improve its stability and safety, thus preventing possible damage to the load and / or accidents resulting from poor stowage.

> innShock family: the Inclined Impact Tester and the Horizontal Impact Tester evaluates the ability of loads to withstand horizontal impacts or crushing forces.

> innDropDrop testers allow us to know how vertical and rotational impacts can aect the integrity of the packaging and the products. The information obtained by the innDrop family will help to design a suitable packing to protect the goods during the distribution cycle

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