An advanced solution to simulate the horizontal accelerations/decelerations that affect the safety and stability of the load.


The Horizontal Stability Tester is an advanced solution to simulate the horizontal accelerations and decelerations  in line with the main international standards such as EUMOS 40509 and the US FMCSA Cargo securement requirements.


Why choose 

the Safe Load TT Horizontal Stability Tester?


Designed to perform Eumos 40509 test method and US FMCSA Cargo Securement requirements.

innVision ST

Includes the innVISION ST system, a high-speed camera and software to measure the unit load deformation and creates a report.


The length of the solution can be extended to meet the company needs. 


Possibility to perform custom tests as the entrance of a truck in a roundabout. 


innVision PRO

Possibility of including the innVISION PRO: artificial vision system, high speed camera and software that records and automatically analyzes the results, generating a report.


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Succes story

Trioplast acquires an Horizontal Stability tester to accomplish EUMOS tests thanks to Safe Load Testing Technologies.

Trioplast holds a leading position in Europe in the field of polyethylene film across a wide range of industries and businesses. Since its inception in 1965, growth has been strong, and today Trioplast enjoys worldwide market reach.

To keep this position, Trioplast needs to be always developing best quality products and assisting customers about the most effective packaging solutions.

Increase Your Efficiency with the

innSlide Vision Pro

A leading and unique program in the market applied to transport simulation technologies that includes a high-speed artificial vision camera and software to record and analyze the results in real time, generating an automatic report with photos and videos, that show the deformation of the unit load at every moment.

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