Horizontal Stability Tester

It is an advanced solution to ensure the rigidity and safety of the loads. It simulates the horizontal accelerations (speeding, slowing down and braking) and decelerations produced by various means of handling and transportation.

Accelerated stability testing features

Our horizontal stability simulator enables testing horizontal stability, according to EUMOS, with a single machine, generating economic savings for our customers. Furthermore, its capacity to handle heavy loads allows a high reliability in the transport simulation of packaging palletized goods.

It has a steel sliding platform with non-slip floor and lateral safeguards to prevent the cargo dumping. In addition, the steel basket, inclined in both sides, is designed to perform accelerations and decelerations to observe the behavior of the load during transportation.

Our system has the possibility of modifying the k acceleration value with an accuracy of two decimals and the possibility of changing the acceleration time. Furthermore, there is an optional high-speed camera, up to 100 frames/sec, to record the test for the post analysis.

With the SET series, it is also possible to add CUSTOM TESTS. For instance, simulate the forces suffered by the load when entering in a roundabout.

Stability tester supported

It is designed to perform EUMOS 40509:2012 standard test.  This standard describes a dynamic test method to evaluate the rigidity of a load unit, including a detailed description of test conditions, evaluation criteria for elastic and plastic pallet load deformation, test certificate specifications.

Furthermore, with the Horizontal Stability tester is possible to comply the US FMCSA Cargo Securement requirements.

Step by step guide to comply with EUMOS 40509