Horizontal impact tester

Designed to simulate the horizontal shocks that affect safety and stability of the load, produced by various means of handling and transportation.

Horizontal impact machine features

Our horizontal impact tester enables testing horizontal impacts according to ISTA and ASTM standards generating economic savings for our customers. Furthermore, its capacity to handle heavy loads (up to 2.000kg) allows a high reliability in the transport simulation of packaging palletized goods.

The Horizontal Impact Tester is presented in two different models depending of the actuator: hydraulic or electric. SF-HIH1000 is a hydraulic solution with an impact platform of 1500x2000x2000 mm3 that allows to test load up to 1000kg with a speed impact up to 4m/s. The other solutions (SF-HIE2000, SF-HIE1500 and SF-HIE1000) are all electric machines with an impact platform up to 1400×1800 mm2 and a maximum load up to 2000kg at the same impact speed of the hydraulic solution.

All horizontal impact machines have sine and trapezoidal shock pulses, an intuitive controller and a shock insulation formed by a steel reaction seismic mass with dumper.


Horizontal impact system test supported

  • EN 15552:2008 Packaging: Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads. Performance testing schedules for common distribution chains;
  • ASTM D4169-16: Standard practices for performance testing of shipping containers and systems;
  • ISTA Procedures 1A, B, C, D, E, G, H; 2A, B, C; 3B, E, H; K; 4 Series; 6-SAMSCLUB; 6-AMAZON.COM

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