Compression Tester

Designed for testing compressive strength of packaging and creep performance. Performs the compression test of shipping containers, pallets and unit loads, according with the ASTM and ISTA international standards.

During handling, warehouse automatic storage and transport, compressive forces are produced on the load.  Compression testing machines are an essential part of the package design characterization to determine the performance of packages, materials and unit loads to minimize damage and costs due to stacking failure.


Compression testing machine features:


Our compression tester enables compression test of shipping containers, pallets and unit loads. This simulator is able to perform tests at different temperatures from -18ºC to 65ºC, and up to 98% relative humidity thanks to a climatic chamber.

Full range of compression testers with different work ranges are available from 25 kN to 200 kN.  All testers allow testing data in real time and have an intuitive design with different testing modes preset:

> Constant rate

> Constant load

> Load and release test

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The package compression tester supports different tests:

> EN 15552:2008 Packaging: Complete, fillet transport packages and unit loads. Performance testing schedules for common distribution chains.

> ASTM D4169-16 Standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers and systems.

> ISTA Procedures 1C, D; 2A, B; F, H; 4 Series; 6-FEDEX; 6-SAMSCLUB, 6-AMAZON.COM.