Designed for testing compressive strength of packaging and creep performance of shipping containers, pallets and unit loads, according with the ASTM and ISTA international standards.


Loads are exposed to different compressive forces both vertical and lateral, during handling, warehouse automatic storage and transport. The innPress family provides necessary information for packaging characterization and design.

Why choose our  Compression Tester?


> Electric solution 

> Maximum compression forces up to 200 kN

> Stroke up to 2.400 mm

> Testing table in different sizes

> Variable compression speed: 5-200 mm/min

> Load accuracy: <0.5%

Position accuracy: <0.1 mm

> Automatic report generator

Different preset testing modes

All testers allow testing data in real time and have an intuitive design with different testing modes preset:

> Constant rate 

> Constant load

> Load and release test  


> Can be installed inside climatic chamber (under request)

> Fixed or floating platen

> Accessories for ISO 8611

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Succes story

Grifal, the Italian company dedicated to providing packaging solutions, has relied on Safe Load Testing Technologies to complete its transport simulation laboratory by purchasing new packaging testing machines. We analyze step by step the process and the advantages obtained by Grifal Spa with this equipment.

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