Before going on the road, it is paramount to know how the transport and its hazards will affect the load, with the purpose of optimizing it in order to improve its stability and safety, thereby avoiding shrinkage and accidents. Preventing unit load deformation is one of the key actions in this process, and at Safe Load Testing Technologies we have designed a unique, leading solution on the market to facilitate this step. 

The innVision systems provide increasingly more accurate and effective results in relation to this problem, precisely analyzing and measuring load deformation during simulations in a laboratory setting.


What is innVision and what is it used for?

innVision systems use artificial vision as a basis to measure the deformation of loads during transport and packing simulation tests.

They are therefore a complement for simulation machines that measure and analyze the deformation of the load in real-time, minimizing the time required for its analysis.  

InnVision offers two types of analysis systems, each with its own characteristics and advantages: 

  • innVision ST: captures images during testing with a high-speed camera and analyzes them semi-automatically. This allows the user to measure the load deformation in an easy way, just with a couple of mouse clicks. The main advantage of the ST system is that it considerably reduces the analysis times that were needed up until today, which required the use of software such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, or the like.
  •  innVision PRO: this system works similarly during the image capture phase, but sets the difference by analyzing captured photos and videos automatically. The user need only define the allowed deformation thresholds and the software analyzes the images one by one and calculates the deformations. 

In either case, both systems generate a full report with photographs and videos that show the results of the test frame by frame, as well as the unit load deformation at all times. Thus, they enable companies to analyze the packaging deformation and make decisions to guarantee a safe unit load. 


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Advantages of using innVision to prevent unit load deformation

The purpose of the two innVision systems is to perfect and facilitate the process by which companies obtained unit load deformation measurements until now

The main benefits of both innVision systems consist, on one hand, of time savings when analyzing the test images, and on the other, of more precise analysis, eliminating potential errors when measuring and subsequently analyzing the deformation.

On one hand, the ST software can reduce the analysis time to under one fourth of that of the traditional systems mentioned above: if the software options available until today required 4 to 5 hours, ST reduces these times to one hour. 

On the other, innVision PRO reduces the analysis time to seconds and allows you to obtain an analysis report right after finishing the test.

This is a substantial efficacy improvement when considering that, before today, it was necessary to wait after each test to know the results and/or move on to the following test. Conversely, the innVision system shortens the times, and in turn, the process involved in foreseeing and optimizing unit load deformation.

Having an innVision system, therefore, means having a competitive advantage for any company that already has a simulation machine and wants to efficiently analyze how to achieve a safe unit load.

It is useful to perform quality control testing, measure load stability and perform the most important testing methods and standards, such as, for example, the EUMOS 40509 standard.


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InnVision and other measurements toward a safe cargo

The innVision systems were initially created for the analysis of load deformation in acceleration tests. However, their scope is currently expanding to other types of testing methods.

InnVision can be applied to the following packaging testing:

  • Stability testers: the accelerations that are typically experienced during transportation can lead to unit load deformation and endanger the goods. The use of innVision systems makes it easy to analyze the results obtained by acceleration simulation machines.
  • Impact testers: innVision’s analysis can be applied to the deformations resulting from the simulation of impacts. Moreover, the system is also capable of analyzing the impact speed, measuring the displacement between two frames.
  • Drop testers: when applied to drop tests, the innVision systems help companies know how the cargo bounces and analyze how this affects the attainment of a safe cargo. 
  • Tilt testers: innVision’s analysis allows for the measurement of the deformation experienced during a tilt test. 


Do you want to know more about unit load deformation and how to prevent it by using our innVision systems? At Safe Load Testing Technologies we help companies attain a safe cargo through simulation systems that combine state-of-the-art technology with accessibility, personalization and an intuitive use. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you. 

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