There is a growing number of companies that set up their own packaging testing laboratories to research their packaging independently. If you are thinking about setting up or improving yours, there are several packaging testing equipment options out there to improve your packaging laboratory, which will give your business the boost it needs to fulfill and exceed set goals.


What packaging testing equipment can a packaging laboratory contain?

With the onset of e-commerce and the growing concern for the environment, optimizing product packaging has never been so important. Which is why packaging testing laboratories are booming and have become vital to many companies.

There are two types of machines that are necessary to build a fully-equipped packaging laboratory:

  • On one hand, machines that test different materials are necessary to characterize and evaluate materials used in packaging. This equipment can be used to optimize packaging components (paper, cardboard, plastic or pallets) so that the load is safe and company expenses are in check.
  • On the other hand, there are transportation simulation machines that generate conditions that mimic the forces that a load will be subject to once it enters the distribution cycle. This helps prevent and solve problems that may arise, guaranteeing the load’s safety and optimizing the product + packaging system.

Transportation simulation machines can anticipate several situations:

Packaging testing instruments for simulating vibrations

Vibration machines are designed to simulate the vibrations experienced by the load during shipping & handling (by road, train, air or sea). There are machines that reproduce vertical vibrations; though more advanced machines combine more than one motion.

In relation to the above, the vertical vibration + pitch & roll system uses technology patented by Safe Load Testing Technologies to combine three motions (vertical, roll and pitch), leading to an outstanding level of precision.

Vibration machines are designed to simulate the vibrations experienced by the load during shipping & handling

Compressometer: a reliable packaging test that complies with the regulations in effect

During the distribution cycle, which includes the storage and handling of the load, products may be subjected to compression forces that deform them and compromise their quality.

The compressometer tests a package’s resistance to compression and to the creep test, as per international ASTM and ISTA standards, and the European Union EN standard.

This machine can perform tests on single loads, pallets and shipping containers, and offers various testing motions (such as press & hold, constant rhythm or press & release), yielding reliable results that are in line with reality.

Compressometer: a reliable packaging test that complies with the regulations in effect

Preventing and saving costs using horizontal stability machines

Horizontal stability machines offer an advanced solution to ensure load rigidity and safety.

This packaging testing equipment simulates the horizontal accelerations (speed, slow-down and braking) and decelerations experienced during the transportation of a load. Through these tests, it is possible to observe the effects of the transportation on the load and go one step further in optimizing the packaging.

Safe Load Testing Technologies’ horizontal stability machine also allows for testing as per the EUMOS 40509 method, which means that the cargo is protected under European safety regulations.

Preventing and saving costs using horizontal stability machines

If you want to learn more: Maximize cargo securing during transport with EUMOS 40509

Packaging testing equipment for simulating impacts

Impact machines simulate the shocks that may affect the stability and safety of the cargo during the distribution cycle.

There are packaging testing instruments that calculate shock damage both from oblique and horizontal impacts.

Both machines are also designed to perform tests as per the ISTA and ASTM standards.

Packaging testing equipment for simulating impacts

Personalized packaging testing equipment: a major advantage

Acquiring personalized packaging testing equipment is one of the advantages for companies that set up their own packaging testing laboratories.

Thanks to personalized machinery, companies may perform packaging tests that are fully tailored to their products, obtaining results during simulation that are closer to the reality of their company, therefore making it even more useful.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we offer personalized solutions. In line with this philosophy, we have built machines such as the bottle tester, which measures the deformation of plastic bottles caused by internal pressures. The Italian Fater company entered into an agreement with Safe Load TT, and we provided them with an ad-hoc machine tailored to their needs.

The most novel packaging testing equipment in packaging testing laboratories

Creating their own packaging testing laboratories makes it easier for companies to have access to the most cutting-edge packaging testing equipment.

Investing in packaging research allows companies to stay one step ahead of the competition and offer a unique experience to their clients.

In this regard, Safe Load Testing Technologies’ vertical vibration + Pitch & Roll system stands out, which combines vibration motions in three dimensions in an innovative way and predicts the damages that a load may suffer with a high degree of accuracy.

Moreover, this option has no equal, given that Safe Load TT owns the only worldwide patent for this equipment.

Two success stories after setting up packaging testing laboratories

Creating a packaging laboratory can imply an innovation boost for companies. Packaging engineering research can not only facilitate the optimization of packages, but also reduce costs and help provide customers with novel solutions that set your company apart.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we have helped many companies chose their packaging testing equipment and set up their own packaging testing laboratories, leading to certified results.  

This is the case of German Duo Plast, which aimed to set up a leading transport simulation center in Germany to provide an added value to their customers.

  • The process begun with a meeting in which the German company learned on-site and firsthand the services offered by Safe Load Testing Technologies and the transportation simulation equipment that best suited their needs and objectives.
  • Later, Safe Load TT helped Duo Plast determine their needs in relation to the packaging testing equipment that they required to accomplish their goals.
  • This involved a joint investment feasibility analysis with the purpose of making the most out of the invested money in relation to expected benefits.
  • In parallel, the type of machines needed for Duo Plast, the information that they were to obtain by using the packaging laboratory equipment, and the way in which they could apply them to optimize their packaging, were comprehensively analyzed.

Finally, it was decided that they would implement:

  • A vertical vibration + Pitch & Roll machine
  • An environmental chamber
  • A horizontal impact simulation machine
  • Recording devices

After setting up the packaging laboratory, the outcome was undeniably positive for Duo Plast: the German company evidenced a 30% reduction in packaging consumption and a 20% decrease in costs for damaged products.

By following this same protocol, we helped Newton Research choose their own packaging laboratory equipment. In this case, and after having determined the needs of the company, it was decided that they would implement the Muti-axis 3D system as well as the Data Recorder.

Safe Load TT: we help you select the best packaging testing equipment

Just as with the cases above and following a protocol tailored to your needs, at Safe Load Testing Technologies we will assist you in building the best packaging laboratory to accomplish your goals.

Safe Load Testing Technologies is a world leader in providing solutions and packaging testing equipment to companies that need them.

We design and manufacture personalized, turnkey packaging testing equipment based on the needs of the company. This is an exclusive service – at the time, there are only two companies in the world that provide it, and Safe Load TT is one of them.

Furthermore, if the company already has packaging testing equipment but believes that it has been rendered obsolete, it is also possible to update that equipment to new standards or the latest trends. The Pitch& Roll module is one such solution, since it allows an existing vibration table, regardless of its manufacturer, to be converted to a vibration + pitch & roll table, adding the pitch and roll motions.

Our team’s track record of more than 21 years certifies our services and know-how in packaging engineering and transportation simulation.

Do you want more information? Get in touch with us and let’s start working on creating a packaging laboratory that helps your company reduce costs and go one step beyond.