Load Stability Academy, focused on addressing the latest topics on improving load stability and organized by Dow and the Technological Institute of Packaging Transport and Logistics (ITENE), took place last October 25th, 2018, in Valencia, Spain.

The president of ITENE, Javier Zabaleta and the Marketing Manager of Dow Packaging, Helga Gómez, were in charge of opening the event, held at the facilities of ITENE.

The meeting was attended by more than 130 professionals from the packaging sector throughout Europe; manufacturers of raw materials and transport simulation equipment, as well as freight transport companies.


Load Stability Academy

Gómez, also, gave a talk with Antonio Manrique, Manager of Dow Packaging, in which they presented the progress achieved thanks to their new packaging solutions, which help to reduce the consumption of materials, improve the stability of the load and reduce CO2 emissions.

The event was also attended by Romain Cazenave, Marketing Director of Dow Packaging – which presented the latest trends in the packaging market – and Ángel David Hernández, President of EUMOS, who presented the latest legislation in relation to the load stability.

The latter was also in charge of moderating the panel discussion in which representatives of the sector participated:

   Sergio Barral, Head of Packaging and Approval of Mahou-San Miguel Supplier,

›   Xavier Castell, Senior Area Manager of Robopac Ibérica,

   Alberto Tellechea, Managing Director of Safe Load Testing Technologies.

These experts discussed about the challenges and trends on load stability, the application of the new EU road transportation norms and legislations and how are impacting the packaging value chain.


Panel Discussion on Industry Needs & Requirements for Load Stability


The importance of transport simulation 

During his speech, Tellechea spoke about the positive impact of transport simulation machines to improve load stability, reduce the use of packaging and reduce costs and risks associated with transport.

 In Safe Load “we work to understand the needs of consumers and help them to be more sustainable, improve stability and security, as well as to reduce costs” explained Tellechea.

In addition, he highlighted the fundamental role played by the new test technologies to comply with Directive 2014/47 / EU and the EUMOS method and and answered several questions about the investment involved in acquiring transport simulation machines and how to calculate their ROI.

 “We have helped some companies calculate the ROI of investing in their own transport simulation testing equipment. In fact, we have created an eBook to explain how it is calculated and can be downloaded for free ”


Calculate the ROI of investing in your own transport simulation equipment by downloading our free eBook. 


Attendees at the Load Stability Academy also enjoyed a demonstration led by Patricia Navarro, ITENE Packaging Simulation and Transport Simulation Manager at ITENE´s Transport Simulation Center, which consisted of several tests carried out on the Horizontal Impact machine, the Vertical Vibration + Pitch & Roll System and the Horizontal Stability Tester, designed and manufactured by Safe Load Testing for ITENE.


Load Stability Academy

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