This September, 2019 Pack Expo Las Vegas will bring together all major players of the packaging industry.

It is one of the largest packaging trade shows in the world, and will be held across three days filled with packaging talks and meetings in Las Vegas.    

Pack Expo Las Vegas: news to be presented at the packaging fair   

Pack Expo 2019 will be held from September 23 through 25, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This event is produced by PMMI and PACK EXPO Las Vegas jointly with Healthcare Packaging EXPO, making it the largest packaging fair in North America in 2019.

Pack Expo Las Vegas will showcase the latest packaging technologies and large-scale machinery. Expopack 2019 will therefore be a gathering that inspires and fosters innovation in the packaging industry.

Moreover, the program will include products by Healthcare Packaging EXPO, which focuses on supply chain solutions for the pharmaceutical and related industries.

Attendance is expected to be considerable: Pack Expo will match 2,000 suppliers with 30,000 visitors from the most important packaged consumer product companies in the world.

This means that, based on the number of attendees, it will be one of the most important packaging trade shows worldwide.

Other figures worth highlighting for Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019:

  • 30,000 visitors in total from over 40 vertical markets.
  • Over 5,000 international buyers from over 125 countries.
  • Over 2,000 exhibitor companies.
  • Halls dedicated to containers and materials, the confectionery industry and reusable packaging.
  • Free training in the exhibitors’ hall.

2019 Pack expo schedule

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 will launch on September 23 with the opening of the exhibition hall where all participants will gather.

In addition to the exhibition hall, seminars and talks will be held at the Innovation Stage and Forum throughout the three days of this packaging fair – these will include a breakfast on Tuesday, September 24 on the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network.

For more information, all events and times are listed at their website.

Safe Load TT at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019

Safe Load Testing Technologies will take part of Pack Expo 2019.

As an exhibitor, we will showcase our innovative transport simulation equipment as well as our wide experience in the development of solutions for the optimization of packaging for laboratories, universities and packaging manufacturers.

Safe Load TT’s stand at Pack Expo Las Vegas will be number US-7187, located at the Upper South Hall. There you will find the CEO, Alberto Tellechea, together with the Sales Manager, Carlos Mora.

As our most important novelty, we will take advantage of our visit to Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 to present our Amazon Lab.

This means that we will be presenting a complete solution for packaging optimization as per the new criteria established by ISTA and its Frustration Free Program

In addition, we will be introducing our new Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester to any visitor interested in optimizing their packaging or performing horizontal stability tests that meet EUMOS 40509 and the US FMCSA cargo securement requirements.

The Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester

At Pack Expo Las Vegas we will be introducing our new Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester.

The ambitious goal that we set for ourselves was to make it easy for all companies to test their palletized loads at their own facilities, helping them guarantee cargo stability while optimizing their secondary and/or tertiary packaging, allowing all companies to optimize their packaging costs, increase their sustainability and boost safety both for the load and for all stakeholders involved in its distribution cycle.

As a result of a painstaking and intensive research work, we have designed a highly compact testing machine with an extremely intuitive operation, so that the logistics, quality or product personnel of any company can immediately work with it.

This machine is so groundbreaking that we currently have a patent pending on it – in order to comply with the EUMOS method we have created an innovative testing protocol that has, at the same time, allowed us to reduce the machine’s size down to less than one-third of the standard.

Thanks to its compact size, this machine can be moved around the laboratory where it is installed, or be transported to the client’s location for testing.

This solution stands out due to its small size. The Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester is 2.6 meters long, 1.4 meters wide and 2.9 meters high, and its height can be reduced to 0.9 meters for transportation. The test can be performed in under 30 seconds, obtaining a clear and concise report that outlines whether the acceptance criteria are met. This report can be used to confirm whether the palletized load is compliant, or to infer possible improvements to be applied to the packaging for its optimization.

In order to obtain all of this information in record time we have developed and added to the machine an artificial vision system that records the test, automatically performs the measurements, and issues the report.

With this new product we take a firm step forward in our mission to help all companies – especially those whose palletized loads are, to a higher or lesser extent, deformable and sensitive to the acceleration/deceleration forces experienced during their distribution cycle.

Furthermore, just like the larger stability tester, it allows for the performance of horizontal stability tests in compliance with EUMOS 40509 y and with the US FMCSA cargo securement requirements.

The Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester is part of the Safe Load’s innSlide family, which comprises a series of solutions that ensure cargo rigidity and safety. All models of this family simulate the horizontal accelerations (acceleration, deceleration and braking) and decelerations that take place during shipping and handling.    

At Safe Load we have been at the forefront of the most groundbreaking transportation simulation solutions for two decades.

Learn more about our machines and get in touch with us to develop a solution tailored to your needs.