The innovative nature of Safe Load Testing Technologies’ products and its leadership in Europe have been two determining factors for the MONDRAGON Corporation, through the MONDRAGON F.C.R. venture capital fund managed by Clave Capital and Mondragon Assembly, together with CDTi-INNVIERTE, to take a stake in the company’s capital.

With this financial investment, a strategic alliance has been established with the objective of boosting the company’s growth and international expansion.

“Another milestone achieved in this amazing global expansion challenge for Safe Load Testing Technologies thanks to the great work of the entire team at the company. The union with MONDRAGON Corporation, Mondragon Assembly and CDTI- Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial makes us stronger and drives our mission to provide technological solutions that allow our customers around the world to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, to transport safety and to reducing costs”, said the CEO of Safe Load Testing Technologies, Alberto Tellechea.

Safe Load Testing Technologies, whose promoter partner is the business accelerator PACKA Ventures, specializes in the design and manufacture of solutions to optimize and validate the packaging of goods and merchandise.

The solutions developed by the company, technological transfer in origin from the ITENE Technological Center, are able to simulate the physical-mechanical risks suffered by the goods during the distribution cycle.

With a team with more than 20 years of experience, the company is based on a sustainable business model of continuous innovation, quality and ethical leadership in the industry.

Technology at the service of the logistics industry

In today’s globalized economy, more and more goods are being transported around the world over longer and longer distances.

Global freight demand is expected to triple by 2050, according to projections by the International Transport Forum (ITF).

This trend is mainly due to changes in consumer behavior and the growth of e-commerce. In addition, there is an increase in collective awareness, with more and more informed consumers demanding environmentally friendly products.

As a result, packaging optimization, improved load stability and transport simulation can help companies meet not only industry requirements and regulatory standards, but also their sustainability goals, reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

Safe Load Testing Technologies’ contribution to this problem is the development of innovative transport simulation solutions characterized by state-of-the-art technology and intuitive control.

Commitment to innovation and development

Safe Load Testing Technologies is committed to innovation, research and development of new technologies applied to packaging engineering and transport simulation. This commitment has led the company to introduce several internationally patented solutions on the market.

“In its effort to support research and contribute to the development of new standards and test methods related to load securing, Safe Load Testing Technologies actively collaborates in the main symposia, committees and research groups of international organizations such as the ISTA, EUMOS and IAPRI associations and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN)”, add Alberto Tellechea.