Buying a drop test machine is a key investment for companies willing to guarantee the safety of their goods during shipping and handling. But, what is the best drop test system out of the ones currently on the market? We analyze the Lansmont drop tester along with Safe Load Testing Technologies’ Drop Tester, focusing on their characteristics and specifications.

Drop test systems: characteristics

Drop test systems simulate drops and rotational impacts that a load may suffer during the distribution process.

By using a drop test machine, it is possible to evaluate the ability that a package has to protect the product that is being transported, and to optimize it for it to guarantee the safety of the load.

Reasons for buying a drop tester include the fact that they enable the compliance with product safety international standards such as ISTA, ASTM or EN.

These are, for example, basic tests to comply with the ISTA-6-FEDEX-A, ISTA-6-AMAZON.COM OB and ISTA-6-AMAZON-S.I.O.C. standards (poner enlace al ebook de amazon)

The characteristics of drop test systems vary depending on the load to be tested: they may function through the use of platforms or retractable supports.

The objective will always be the same: to drop the product from a certain height to ascertain the ability of a package to protect the product being transported.

Characteristics of the Lansmont drop tester

The Lansmont drop tester comes in four different models, depending on the load to be tested.

Any of these Lansmont drop tester models offers the ability to perform flat, edge and corner drops.

  • Model PDT 80M supports a maximum weight of 80 kilograms (176 lb.) and a package with a size of 91.5 cm (3’). It provides for various drop heights, with the maximum height being 180 cm (5.9’). This Lansmont drop tester model is controlled with a pedal, and the drop height is adjusted manually.
  • Model PDT 300 supports loads of up to 300 kilograms (661 lb.) and a size of 300 cm (9’ 10”). It can perform tests with heights of up to 183 cm (6’), and is adjusted through a manually operated remote control.
  • Model PDT700 Precision Drop Tester performs tests with loads of up to 700 kg (1,543 lb.), a size of 202 cm (6’ 7.5”) and drops from 122 cm (4’) high, through this can be increased. It is controlled through a control panel.

In addition, Lansmont also offers model QR3000. This is not as much a drop test machine as it is a free release mechanism that, by using a hoist, can lift goods of almost any size or weight. This machine requires an additional crane.

Safe Load Testing Technologies’ Drop Tester

Safe Load Testing Technologies’ drop test machine comes in several different models to accommodate various package sizes and weights:

  • Models SF-DP600 and SF-DP1200 can perform tests on packages weighing up to 600 kg and 1,200 kg (1,323 lb. and 2,646 lb.), respectively.

Their characteristics are tailored to these loads: in order to perform the procedure, a steel cart is elevated and dropped over a steel beam-rail. The load falls freely and the cart is equipped with hydraulic dampers that prevent damages.

  • Models SF-DP100 and SF-DP200 can perform tests on packages of up to 100 kg and 200 kg (220 lb. and 440 lb.), respectively. In order to perform the tests, the load is placed on supports that are elevated and retract, letting the load fall.

The model for smaller goods also allows for the placement of obstacles for the load to impact, and includes a release mechanism to prevent the supports from interfering with the free fall.

Safe Load TT’s Drop Tester has been created to simulate drops of up to 2m (78 ¾”) with loads weighing up to 1,200kg (2,646 lb.). This is the case of Instituto Tecnológico ITENE, which has one of these Drop Testers from our company.

Safe Load TT Drop Tester

Advantages of Safe Load TT’s Drop Tester

Safe Load TT’s Drop Tester has several advantages:

  1. Safe Load TT’s drop tester can perform drop tests with weights in excess of 700 kg (1,543 lb.) or drops higher than 1.22 meters (4’).

Safe Load TT’s drop test machine performs tests of up to 1200kg (2,646 lb.)

Moreover, at Safe Load TT we have drop test systems that offer drops from up to two meters (78 ¾”).

  1. Another major advantage is their user-friendly operation: Safe Load TT designs its machines with a focus on the user, which means that the Drop Tester is easy to use and only requires simple, occasional maintenance.

Safe Load TT’s Drop Tester is equipped with a touchscreen to control the tests.

  1. Furthermore, our track record of over 20 years in transportation simulation allows us to offer advice to our clients in the field of transportation simulation: which tests to perform, under what conditions, how to interpret the data and results, packaging consultancy, etc.

In addition, we are committed to offering a 24/48 hour reply to any technical question, and we offer maintenance services.

Do you have questions on how to find the best drop test systems for your business?

Get in touch with us and we will advise you so that you can find the most suitable transportation simulation equipment.