ISTA TransPack Orlando 2020

ISTA TransPack and TempPack 2020 are to take place simultaneously next March 16 to 19, both of them organized by the leading organization in transport simulation for packaging optimization (ISTA, International Safe Transit Association), at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort, Orlando, Florida. These are the two most important congresses of the packaging industry worldwide and also the two that are attended by the most experts.

ISTA TransPack will bring together experts in the preparation of packaging for transportation. For its part, ISTA TempPack will draw experts and professionals to focus on technical issues related to packaging performance and resistance under different environmental conditions. 

A great number of talks have been programmed for both events that will let us in on the latest field studies on packaging design around the world and on how companies are getting ready to meet the latest customer requirements (stability, e-commerce, sustainability…). 

Regarding cargo stability, the event will include a presentation by our CEO, Alberto Tellechea, entitled “Load Stability Simulation of Horizontal Accelerations at the Laboratory Versus Real Events” as well as other studies such as the one by Luke Venechuk from Highlight Industries, “Testing Naked – The Benefits of Testing Unit Load Stability without Unit Load Packaging.”

In the field of e-commerce, several studies will be presented, such as the one by Kyle Dunno of the Rochester Institute of Technology called “Evaluation of Top Load Apparatus Type for Simulating Dynamic Compression on Packages Traveling through e-commerce” or the study performed by Dave Leinberger of ABF Freight, “E-commerce Package Design for Less-Than-Truckload Delivery.”

Other studies that will be presented, such as those of Ryan Parrot from Intel or Koushik Saha, PhD of the California Polytechnic State University, are expected to be just as interesting. Studies related to other fields that should be taken into account by our sector will also be present, including the presentation by Amir Ghoddousi from UPS Capital, who will tell us about insurance solutions with his presentation “The Impact of Packaging on Cargo Insurance.”

Regarding the large group of experts, in representation of the academic side of things, the event will enjoy the presence of several universities, represented both by teachers and students and/or researchers, from the renowned CalPoly, Clemson, RIT and MSU. In addition to the academic sector, the packaging design and manufacturing industry, as well as manufacturers of packaging material, will be represented by companies such as SealedAir, L&E, Lifoam and Cold Chain, among others. 

Of course, a large number of companies/laboratories certified as ISTA laboratories – whether laboratories that offer this testing service to other companies, such as Metropack, or companies that have their own testing laboratory to optimize their own designs – will also be present.

What is the role of Safe Load TT at ISTA TransPack Orlando 2020?

Safe Load Testing Technologies will take part in ISTA Transpack Orlando as a premier sponsor, just as it did in the 2019 edition of this event. We will have the opportunity to present our recent study on cargo stability before a renowned group of experts at 9:00 on Thursday, March 19. To this end, we performed a study that compares the result obtained from a real transport with that of a simulation of the same forces on our transport simulation equipment – particularly with our patented innSlide Boomerang

As premier sponsors, we will also take part in the networking event to take place on Wednesday 18, to get to know firsthand the latest developments of the protective packaging sector. During the event, you will find us at booth No. 110.  

As is customary at events organized by ISTA, we will have the opportunity to share thoughts with other experts in our sector at different moments scheduled specifically to foster networking.

Thanks to all of this, we are certain that this event will help us learn the latest trends in our sector, as well as keep in touch with many of our friends in the sector.

We invite you and recommend that you attend ISTA TransPack Orlando! See you there!

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