Amazon test requirements


Any company that wants to sell its products through Amazon and improve its shipping performance, would have to pass certain tests and comply with a series of requirements regarding packaging. This is known as the Amazon ISTA test, and its aim is to prevent damage to the goods and optimize deliveries.

The purpose of the Amazon ISTA test is the development of a standard or testing protocol to test a package’s capability of withstanding the forces endured within Amazon’s supply chain. These protocols have been established by ISTA(International Safe Transit Association), an organization that is dedicated to the design of protocols for supply chain simulation.

ISTA puts several types of tests at the companies’ disposal, which means each company may select the one that they consider more suitable to test their product and supply chain.


Amazon lab equipment


A specific company may ask any of its suppliers to pass a specific ISTA protocol(which is what recently happened with Amazon); this means that these suppliers will need to have machines that simulate the various conditions outlined by the protocol.

At Safe Load we have several machines that are suitable for the ISTA standards. Amazon lab is formed by a set of five equipment.

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