From May 13 to 16, 2019, the ISTA Forum will bring together the most important international actors of the packaging industry in Denver.

During the event, which will be attended by company representatives from around the world, talks and events will be held in which the latest sector novelties and researches will be presented.

ISTA Denver 2019 will set the trends that will determine the future of packaging, as well as its optimization, for the years to come.

ISTA Forum Denver: what to expect

The ISTA Forum brings together leading companies in the packaging industry to establish the main lines of innovation.

Through formal and informal meetings, the industry finds in this event a way to join forces toward the advancement and development of the sector.

Which is why during ISTA Forum Denver 2019 events focused on packaging optimization, increasingly accurate transport simulations and package sustainability, among other trends, will be held.

The main speakers in the symposium

Representatives from around 30 companies and institutions will participate as speakers in ISTA Forum 2019.

Experts from different countries in charge of the ISTA forum talks are part of the industrial and academic arena and have specialized know-how in various fields.

Among many other speakers and talks, we can mention:

  • Gary Dong, Amazon/Lab126 Senior Packaging Engineer, who will talk about the latest packaging news related to Amazon.
  • Paul Harber, founder of Parenteral Supply Chain, who will give a talk showcasing his company’s success story.
  • Two talks will be given by ISTA specialists: Eric Hiser (ISTA Technical Vice-President) and Brian O’Banion (ISTA Research & Education Vice-President) will offer their knowledge and outlook on the association’s novelties and its protocols.
  • Safe Load Testing Technologies’ speakers Carlos Mora and Manuel García Romeu will recount a stretch film packaging optimization success story, in a pioneering demonstration of the horizontal stability test.
  • In the field of academic research, experts from institutions such as Virginia Tech University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, Clemson University and Purdue University will make their appearance.

Safe Load TT in ISTA Denver

Safe Load Testing Technologies will participate in ISTA Denver 2019 in a number of ways.

First, Carlos Mora and Manuel García-Romeu (our Sales Manager and Business Development Manager, respectively) will give a talk where they will present a success story related to a major brewery.

This will be a pioneering demonstration, since it will present a real-life account of the benefits of using a horizontal stability machine for packaging optimization.

For this, Safe Load TT’s team will explain how the project was carried out in collaboration with its client across every stage (from the initial data collection to the successful development of a packaging solution), offering videos of the tests that were performed.

In addition, we will also participate in the ISTA Forum as exhibitors: during the breaks, we will be available to visitors at booth 110 to showcase our machinery catalog, as well as video demonstrations and other materials.

This year, at ISTA Forum 2019 we want to highlight three of our machines:

  • The horizontal stability tester which, as our presentation will show, plays a vital role in the optimization of packages for many companies.
  • The Pitch&Roll module, a pioneering machine developed by Safe Load TT which increases the functionality of a vertical vibration table and brings the simulation closer to real road and rail transportation conditions.
  • The Amazon Lab, which is a set of machines that allow packaging to be optimized as per the ISTA-AMAZON-6 protocol.

On ISTA-AMAZON 6 and the Amazon Lab

One of the trends that will give people much to talk about both during ISTA Forum Denver and in months and years to come is the ISTA-AMAZON-6 protocol.  

This new standard presents a series of requirements that will become mandatory as of August, 2019 for those who use Amazon’s distribution system.

To address this, at Safe Load TT we have developed the Amazon Lab – a full packaging laboratory that offers the necessary tools to optimize packaging as per this new protocol.

Want to know more? Download our ‘Optimize your packaging for Amazon’s Frustration-Free programfree ebook and learn more about the protocol and our solutions before the ISTA Forum.