ISTA China Packaging Symposium 2019 will be held from September 18 to 20 in the city of Shenzhen, province of Guangdong. 

This event is organized by the ISTA association and its Chinese division, to be presented by the China Packaging Research & Test Center and the China Packaging Research Institute. 

The event will bring together international experts of the packaging industry with the goal of leading the development of an optimized and effective packaging, while addressing the future challenges of the industry in this field.


ISTA China 2019: what to expect

China’s recent development has turned the country into a global industrial power that produces a myriad of consumer and industrial products that see use all across the world. 

As a consequence, China has also become a leader in packaging, transportation and distribution. The country is one of the most important packaging producers in the world and its role also extends to the development of innovative and effective solutions, and to being a hub to world-class experts in the field.


The involvement of China in ISTA protocols and the industry’s innovation is evidenced by events such as ISTA China and other factors. This Asian powerhouse is home to over 100 ISTA-certified laboratories.


The main objective of ISTA China 2019 will be to continue advancing toward the development of an international packaging technology for transportation. 

To accomplish this, they are organizing a symposium that for packaging industry experts from around the world, who will share their success stories and professional practices. 

More specifically, the gathering will help further the research on ISTA procedures and their application, e-commerce packaging, and the standardization of research, among many other matters.


Talks planned for the event include: 

– The value chain of medical device packaging development, by advanced packaging engineer Chunfei Li.

– The challenges and solutions of transportation packaging in the heavy cargo express service, by Chengjian Zu.

– Exploring sustainable materials in the field of transportation packaging in the face of the challenge of plastic ban, by Fu Jinshui.


In this way, ISTA China focuses on analyzing the present of the packaging industry to foresee the potential changes that the future holds in this field. 

For this, they propose three days of activities that, in addition to the talks and official presentations, will include a series of meetings between industry professionals, as well as dinners, to foster strategic alliances. 


Safe Load Testing Technologies in ISTA China

In line with our active participation in a global industry, and as we already have in ISTA Forum Denver, Safe Load Testing Technologies will be present in ISTA China, for the first time this year, as Silver sponsors. 

Through our participation in the fair, at Safe Load we want to demonstrate our position as a leader in the testing equipment industry and strengthen our image and presence in China, while building a closer relationship with our distributor, Dupack. 

While Safe Load will not have a booth in the fair, we will give a speech about our vision in relation to the simulation industry, and also discuss a real-life scenario showing how stability can be used to optimize a package and minimize damage during transportation. 

Our R&D manager, Enrique de la Cruz and Carlos Mora, sales manager, will travel to ISTA China 2019 to give this talk

As an important piece of news in relation to our talk, at Safe Load we want to introduce to the Chinese market our innSlide Boomerang. It is a novel equipment with state-of-the-art technology that allows for the testing of load stability during the distribution cycle. 

This will also be followed by the presentation of our Pitch&Roll module, a machine patented by Safe Load Testing Technologies that has already been the star of other industry fairs and events. 

When installed on existing vertical vibration machines, the Pitch&Roll module allows for the addition of pitch and roll motions, which commonly take place during transportation, to the simulation. 

Safe Load will therefore take both its expertise and passion for innovation in packaging optimization to the ISTA China 2019 symposium, where we hope to continue working and building new alliances toward the development of increasingly safe and efficient technologies.


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