The fourth ISTA Asia Pacific packaging symposium will be on October 24 in the beautiful city of Manila, Philippines. The fourth opportunity to talk about packaging test and transport simulation technologies with packaging eminences of this amazing region.

Experts in packaging industry, not only of this region but worldwide, will meet in Manila to discuss about the latest developments, studies, researches and technologies around packaging and how packaging must be design to resist the several forces suffered during transportation: vibrations, shocks, accelerations, drops, compression among others.

This growing economy region is developing an interest network of labs, universities and research centers to cover all the needs from packaging perspective. Nowadays, sustainable packaging is a must and this region is also showing their interest in developing and designing new packaging methods in this way.

The transportation and supply chain study in this region is even more important than in other regions due to:

  • the big complexity of nations
  • ecommerce trends
  • connections between the different countries that form this region
  • the complex supply chain we can find there with many different means of transportation such as trucks, vans, bicycles, boats, ships, planes…

The main objective of this symposium is to continue bringing to Asia Pacific countries the big advantages of using international standards such as ISTA, as well as sharing the latest researches in this topic. 

With ISTAs procedures, any company in the world can assure their package is going to resist the forces suffered during transportation, never mind the supply chain and product characteristics.

In the same location will also be held the Asia Packaging Network (APN), an International Packaging Research and Innovation Symposium hold at October 22-23 prior to the ISTA Asia Pacific packaging symposium. This is a good opportunity to meet the experts of this region interested in creating a better world thanks to the improvement in packaging materials and technologies. Both events will have a gala dinner in 23th as common point, it will be a great moment to put in common the future of packaging from an holistic vision in this region and worldwide.

 During the ISTA Asia 2019  the attendees will have the opportunity to listen and recognize experts in the packaging industry of this region such as:

  • JK Kim from Korea Conformity Laboratories talking about temperature controlled supply chain
  • PK Ang from Newton Research Center talking about the journey the pallets complete and;
  • Vanee Chonhenchob from the Department of Packaging and Materials Technology, Faculty of Agro-Industry in Kasetsart University explaining the challenges of packaging in the fresh produce cold chains in Thailand.

Safe Load Testing Technologies is the only European speaker in the packaging  symposium and will show to the audience, through his sales manager Carlos Mora, how we optimized the tertiary packaging in a multinational beer producer. 

As a result of this real case study, the beer producer saved more than 60.000€ in tertiary packaging and reduced 60 Tons its CO2 footprint

For this project we use our acceleration bench innSlide, designed within the TranSafeLoad project, which is able to perform tests according to EUMOS 40509 test method. This method allows you to measure the rigidity and stability of a load unit. The test consists in accelerate or decelerate a load as it happens inside a truck during transportation, getting the same behavior on the load during the test and in real life. Afterwards, we can measure the deformation and stability of the load to determine if the load is going to resist the accelerations and decelerations suffered during transportation or if there is a risk of tip over or collapse.



Following our active participation in packaging global industry, and as we already have done in ISTA Forum Denver, ISTA Europe and ISTA China this year, Safe Load Testing Technologies will be present in ISTA Asia Pacific packaging symposium as sponsors, for second time, as we were in ISTA Asia Pacific 2017 in Bangkok. This time, Safe Load Testing Technologies is a proud Silver sponsor.

 Through our participation in the fair, at Safe Load TT we want to demonstrate our position as a leader in the testing equipment industry and consolidate our image and presence in Asia Pacific, an important region for us, where Safe Load already installed two innWave pitch&roll equipment

Safe Load TT will not have a booth in the fair, but we will give a speech about our vision in relation to the simulation industry and also discuss a real-life scenario, showing how stability can be used to optimize a package and minimize damage during transportation.

If you are attending the Asia Pacific packaging symposium do not hesitate to meet us there and, in case you can not assist, you can always contact us through the website. We will be pleased to assist you.


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