ISTA Amsterdam is one of the four yearly packaging & transportation safety events organized by ISTA and the only one held in Europe by the most important transportation safety association in the world.

Dubbed European Packaging Symposium, this international event will welcome over 300 guests from the packaging world from March 5 through 7, 2019. New studies and success stories related to the industry will be presented during this event.

An event where the launch of new lines of work is promoted and the synergy between companies to develop joint projects is fostered.

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Renowned companies from around the world such as Amazon, Ikea, Sealed Air, Intel and Smurfit Kappa will attend the symposium to hold different talks and establish the bases for the packaging and transportation market for the next few years. Among these companies, Safe Load Testing Technologies will be present as a Gold Sponsor and promote the objectives of ISTA during this gathering.

What can we expect from ISTA Amsterdam and from Safe Load’s presence in it? Let’s find out.

ISTA European Packaging Symposium: what to expect

ISTA Amsterdam’s program is quite thorough, including talks and success stories for a wide range of sectors, as well as informative talks about key subjects in the sector. Some of the most important are:

European packaging speakers at the symposium


  • Keeping Pace with Performance Demands and Evolving Retail

Eric Hiser, Vice President of Technical at ISTA, will be present at ISTA Amsterdam to offer his vision on how ISTA is working to face the rapid evolution of packaging demanded by the consumers.

  • Packaging Dynamic Study for International Express Indoor Environment

William Hong, Media Packaging Engineer at Intel, will talk about the phases and movements that affect packages during express deliveries, and their handling by indoor machines to optimize times.

  • Pushing the Boxelope: An Amazon Case Study

This will be one of the case studies presented at Amazon Ista, where Katie Exum, Packaging Engineer, and Gary Dong, Senior Packaging Engineer at Amazon/Lab126 will tell us about the process of designing the latest Kindle Paperwhite electronic reader.

  • Packaging Automation and Fulfilment Excellence in the E-commerce Sector

Lester Barrat, Executive Director at Sealed Air EMEA, explores the challenges of the fast-paced would of electronic commerce, focusing on the connection between new technologies (machining and automation) and how they interact with the packaging and logistic requirements to satisfy consumer needs.

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  • Packaging with a Democratic Design

Ikea, another major player present at ISTA Amazon 2019, will hold a presentation where Allan Dickner, Acting Packaging Development Manager, will explain what Democratic Design is and how to responsibly develop packaging solutions.


Safe Load TT at ISTA Amsterdam

Safe Load Testing Technologies will attend ISTA Amsterdam as a partner that is committed to ISTA’s objective of developing the field of packaging as a contribution to the improvement of society, fostering sustainability and safety with a scientific outlook.

With this in mind, the company will be present at the most important European packaging symposium to recount its success story with Berioska, a major client in the Spanish cosmetics sector.


On Safe Load’s Berioska success story

Berioska wanted to optimize the tertiary packaging of its cargo unit, in addition to focus on attaining sustainability. With this in mind, Safe Load TT provided consultancy services which included the use of several machines to identify areas that could be improved toward optimizing the use of packaging:

  • First, the client’s distribution cycle was analyzed (to establish the levels of risk present in that cycle, measuring vibration level variables, the presence of impacts, etc.). innRecord was used for this purpose.
  • Then, existing risks were analyzed and a testing protocol was created based on obtained measurements.
  • Once the protocol had been developed, tests were performed on a load provided by the client. These tests included: impact or rotational drop tests, horizontal impact tests, vertical vibration tests, vibration + pitch&roll tests and horizontal acceleration tests.
  • These tests yielded the level of deformation of the load. This allowed for a clear, objective and well-founded vision on how the client should optimize its packaging.

These guidelines were informed to Berioska so that it could make the appropriate changes in a way that was reliable and based on data from its distribution cycle.

Safe Load TT as a key agent in the packaging industry

In addition to attending international packaging events, Safe Load contributes toward the cooperation between ISTA and EUMOS. In fact, this event will make significant strides within this process.

We are expert machinery manufacturers – scientists with a long track-record in the world of packaging and its optimization. As a result of this know-how, we develop not only machines, but also their applications and customer services so that the customer can develop and take advantage of the features of their, and other, machines in the sector, with the purpose of assisting the customers in optimizing their packaging.

The company is increasing its presence on the international packaging market and in packaging companies, with the purpose of helping them accomplish their goals, build synergies between key members of the industry and drive innovation and collaboration within the sector.

The most important organizations worldwide are recognizing and rewarding this work – evidence of this is the solid presence of Safe Load TT at the head of Amazon ISTA, and also its recent induction as a Board Member of the most important packaging associations in the world.

Do you want to know more about our consultancy services or products we have at your disposal? Get in touch with us and we will help you improve the safety of your loads.