With the globalization of the economy, the increase of ecommerce and the constant changes in customer behaviour, load transport has increased significantly.  This fact has generated that the companies face big logistical challenges to send products to any part of the world.

The concern about package and deliver the products in optimal conditions is growing because, during transport, goods face hard conditions that may produce damages to the products inside.

A good packaging and controlled conditions during the distribution cycle can avoid product losses, as well as reducing the accident rate during transportation and handling, which also results in a reduction in costs for the company.

In this sense, cargo safety has become in a critical issue for the supply chain and for the freight transport industry, together with an important topic of debate for the great professionals of the transport sector, who are increasingly concerned about get a safe and effective transport.

Moving Good Safety, It Impacts You!

So that, on September 25th took place in Warsaw, Poland, a load stability event organized by the prominent Company of the sector, Dow: “Moving Good Safety, It Impacts You!”, which brought together a large number of industry experts, as well as owners of major brands, to discuss about the latest trends and needs of the industry and analyze how companies can improve cargo stability and to ensure that their products are delivered in optimal conditions to the costumer.

This load stability event has the aim of present the most up-to-date road transport regulations and analyze the challenges to which the sector faces, as well as expose the way in which these are affecting the cargo transport sector.

Among the guests at the event was the current President of EUMOS and CEO of VALUEING, Ángel David Hernández, in order to discuss about the best practices and transport packaging standards with other industry experts. Also, professionals of Dow Packaging, company specialized in chemicals delivering products and solutions to markets such as electronics, water, packaging or energy, and Robopac, important company in wrapping technology with stretch film.

EUMOS load stability event