When testing packages and goods, companies may choose between two options: test equipment rental, having tests performed offsite, or building their own testing laboratory. We analyze the pros and cons of both options, taking into consideration the convenience and ROI (return on investment).


Test equipment rental: the short-term solution

Test equipment rental is a good option for companies that aim to avoid the costs of having, using and maintaining testing equipment. Financially, there are many advantages, such as paying only when you need to use the equipment or avoiding purchasing costs and other variables.

Furthermore, this generally means having professional personnel at your disposal, who are able to offer accurate results and analyze them, as well as different types of machines. Likewise, there are different criteria for choosing a company to perform the tests:

  • Based on the standards that you want to comply with
  • Based on the type of product that you offer
  • Universities and other centers, if your aim is supporting research.

However, if you choose to rent lab equipment you will stumble upon a couple of issues. The most important one is that the company does not have equipment available to engage in long-term research projects. If a business has detected the need to use one or several machines in the following years, it is more cost-efficient to invest on purchasing those machines. 

Not only that: some portals recommend calculating for how long a company will need a machine. If its usage is expected to exceed 60/70% of the time, then it makes no sense to rent lab equipment, since it would imply a waste of time and, in the long run, money as well.

Additionally, opting to rent lab equipment also adds the effort of coordinating actions with several companies and adds stresses to the goods before testing, since they must be transported from the manufacturer’s facilities to the laboratory where testing is to take place. This implies that the sample will not be under the same conditions as it would if performing the simulation in-house. Conversely, purchasing testing equipment simplifies this process, since the tests are performed internally, prioritizing the benefit and times of the company.

simulation machines

Advantages of investing in testing solutions vs. test equipment rental

The profile of a company that decides to purchase equipment is quite different from the one that opts to rent lab equipment. Those who choose to make the investment do so because they understand the tests as an integral part of optimizing their processes, rather than a temporary process.

Therefore, they are willing to face the three most evident problems with this option. On one hand, buying equipment to perform in-house tests requires a higher initial investment that when deciding to rent lab equipment.

This investment, on the other hand, means bearing the maintenance costs of the purchased machines. Lastly, the company will need to commit to training a team on how to use the purchased systems and analyze their results.

This said, if one of your concerns is how to reduce testing costs, one of your best options is to acquire testing solutions to build your own lab or contract the services of a professional testing institute. 

Some of the advantages an in house of testing laboratories include: 

  • The ability to perform an unlimited number of tests at no additional cost.
  • Faster processes when certifying a product or project, avoiding formalities and delays. 
  • Generation of more thorough analyses, since companies know every detail of their equipment and products, being also able to perform them based on their specific needs.
  • Improve the company image before the clients: an in-house laboratory points to the company’s commitment to finding optimized packaging solutions.
  • A higher logistics efficiency, by better adapting to the distribution environment through the implementation of different testing methods.
  • After creating a laboratory, it is possible to offer testing services to other companies that need them, generating an additional source of revenue. 

In summary, it is the best option for companies that continuously develop packaging products or need to test their loads continuously to ensure their safety during transportation. 


Safe Load TT: create your laboratory and go beyond test equipment rental

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we have a track record of two decades in the field of transport simulation and packaging optimization, designing and manufacturing our own equipment and systems. We are the only company in the world that can deliver turnkey, personalized testing solutions

We have assisted a number of companies in creating their own packaging laboratories and recoup their investment. Some examples include: 

  • Creation of a simulation center for DuoPlast, thanks to which the German company could offer an unmatched packaging testing center.
  • The acquisition of a horizontal stability tester by Trioplast, meaning that they can perform EUMOS 40509 tests in-house, without depending on test equipment rental.
  • Upgrading of the laboratory at Grifal so that they can continue offering their clients cutting-edge packaging. In this case, they acquired a compression tester and an inclined impact tester.

Supported by our track record of over two decades in the transport simulation and packaging optimization sector, at Safe Load TT we adapt to your needs: from the selection of the most suitable equipment, to the training of technicians and an express maintenance & repair program available worldwide. 

Additionally, we help you calculate your ROI, so that you can find a solution at an optimal price without limiting the technical capabilities of your laboratory. Get in touch with us and we will help you choose the best testing solutions to optimize your packaging processes.