There is a lot of companies interested in set up their own packaging testing laboratories to research and optimize their packaging without relying on technological institutes. To this end, there are several packaging testing equipment options in the market, so it is important to choose the correct packaging lab for each type of packaging.

How to choose a packaging lab to test my product

If you are asking yourself that question is because you saw all different options packaging lab are offering nowadays.

The starting point should be what properties of my package are important to me or to my application: integrity, transmissibility, impermeability, product protection, child protection…

The second question we should ask ourselves is if we would require testing to get a specific accreditation or if we are looking for additional services such as packaging design consultancy, material or application research. We can differentiate between three kind of packaging lab:

> Attending to the regulations that you want to meet: Testing centers

They offer the possibility to get an accreditation for our unit load (product + packaging) according to an international standard (i.e. ASTM, ISO, ISTA or EUMOS norms). Usually used when the customer has the knowledge about their packaging and product and only need to validate it according to standards. It is a short duration project consisting in testing the package according to the norm selected or needed with a final inform with the result of this test.

> According to the type of product you offer: Packaging manufacturer testing labs

Is getting more and more common that packaging manufacturers offer the service to their customer of custom packaging and testing the result in their own facilities, that is the case of Grifal a paper and cardboard packaging manufacturer that can provide the added value to its customers of offering a really competitive solution in matter of protection, and Grifal can demonstrate performing transport packaging tests according to ISTA protocols that the custom packaging they designed is able to support the forces suffered during transportation and handling.

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But it is not only packaging producers how can own a lab but the film producers like Trioplast. In this case they offer the service of stretch film application optimization and can test their solution following the EUMOS 40509 test method, in that way its customers are getting more than high performance stretch film, they are also getting expertise in film application.

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> Taking into account the packing research: Universities and research centers.

Knowledge, knowledge and knowledge, that is what the universities and research centers can offer to their customers. Usually the customer who attend to this kind of packaging laboratory are looking for it. They are a source of knowledge and can help packaging designers or packaging departments to find the right solution for their product conditions and properties. It is a long duration project where the testing is the last part of it, used for validating the developed packaging. Universities and research centers also offer the possibility of performing only the test as the testing centers do.

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Should you have your own packaging lab?

As usually, the answer to this question is: depending on your needs and resources.

Having your own packaging lab is a really powerful tool for packaging designers. It helps you to validate really quick the new developments and, at the same time, helps you to study your packaging behavior during transportation. With all this information, the packaging design team will have superior knowledge about the characteristics of your package and the response of the package-product relationship.

You will have a stronger, smarter and faster packaging team if you give them the right tools. In this field, we also provide technical consultancy and training  based in our more than 20-year experience.

It is also interesting to have your own packaging lab if you have many products that need to be tested or if you are developing new products or package often, since the option of testing the products or packaging in an external lab takes more time (the labs are usually full booked so you need several weeks) and resources (you need to send several units of the product to the lab).

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