EUMOS, the European Safe Logistics Association, is a non-profit association that focuses on cargo transport safety, including packaging, storage, loading and cargo securing. This association works for the producing industry as well as the transport sector.

EUMOS’s main objective is to make cargo safety know-how available to experts and trainers throughout Europe, as well as protect and support common interest of associated experts, cooperate with other expert organizations and other associations, and stimulate the development of new know-how, standards and testing methods related to cargo transport safety.

The EUMOS test method for load-unit testing, unlike its counterparts, states specific parameters for assessment and simulation, such as pressure build-up times, durations and load cycles. This facilitates transparent and adequate reproducibility of results.

The main target group is the group of individual members. The wider target group includes all experts and trainers throughout Europe, specializing in achieving cargo safety and a safe transport.


EUMOS Test Methods

EUMOS 40509 -2020: Test method for load unit rigidity

This standard describes a dynamic test method to evaluate the rigidity of a load unit, including a detailed description of test conditions, evaluation criteria for elastic and plastic pallet load deformation, and test certificate specifications.

This EUMOS method is useful for packaging labs, producers of palletized goods, film converters, cargo securing experts, and roadside inspectors of cargo safety.

The EUMOS 40509 2020 version included several improvements to achieve cargo safety and a safe transport:

  • An improved presentation with new and updated clauses and annexes
  • A better ‘Terms and Definitions’ section
  • An upgrade to the ‘Scope’ section of the standard
  • A new ‘Requirements’ section
  • An improvement in the ‘Test Procedure’ section (previously known as Test Method) and the ‘Test Report’ section

The scope of the standard is limited to poles that are fixed to the vehicle platform, to be used for cargo securing purposes. It describes a test method, minimum requirements and test certificate specifications.

Target group: Vehicle constructors, transport companies, cargo safety experts, road side inspectors of cargo safety.

EUMOS 40513-2014: Film edge forces, test and measurement method

This test method standard describes a test and measurement method for forces on a (vertical) edge of a load unit. The forces applied by stretch hoof film or by wrapped stretch film are measured as a function of the position along the edge and as a function of time.

Target group: Film converters, packaging labs, producers of palletized goods, cargo safety experts, road side inspectors of cargo safety.


Discover everything about the new version EUMOS 40509: 2020


EUMOS 40607-1: EUMOS qualified expert in general cargo securing and transport packaging, minimum requirements

This standard describes the minimum requirements to become an EUMOS qualified expert in general cargo securing and transport packaging. The minimum requirements include theoretical and practical knowledge as well as experience. Also, the examination of these competences is described.

EUMOS 40701-1: Brake systems for bikes: lifetime measurement equipment and method

The lifetime of the brake system of bicycles can depend on small details of the system. Therefore, this standard describes a machine and a method to quantify the number of braking cycles for adjustment and the number of braking cycles for failure in a bicycle’s braking system as mounted on a specific type of bicycle. This standard applies to rim-brakes, hub-brakes and disc-brakes.


Benefits of implementing the EUMOS 40509 testing method

Complying with European regulations

Directive 2014/47EU, which aims to guarantee safety in the transportation of products across EU roads, refers to the EUMOS 40509 method, which outlines a dynamic testing method to evaluate the rigidity and stability of a load unit that is subjected to horizontal accelerations and decelerations, such as those that take place in industrial road freight vehicles.


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In this way, companies that perform this test method can attest, through their EUMOS certificate, that they have taken sufficient measures to achieve a safe transport in the event of an accident or at any roadside inspection.

Achieving cargo safety and packaging optimization

The EUMOS 40509: 2020 method, EUMOS 40509:2012 revision, adds new elements to the load unit rigidity testing method to obtain more accurate results.

The main focus of this revision defines the certification of the equipment for the subsequent measurement of the rigidity of a load unit on an acceleration bench, such as innSlide Boomerang, designed by Safe Load Testing Technologies. 

Just like the original 2012 standard, the EUMOS 40509:2020 revision contains a detailed description of the testing conditions, the elastic and plastic load deformation evaluation criteria, and the specifications of the test certificate.

 enables the achievement of cargo stability, including securement methods through the use of tie downs or stretch film.  

As a result, companies are provided with useful information to optimize their cargo securement, maximizing safety during transportation. Additionally, this information can be used to optimize tertiary packaging such as stretch film, enabling companies to choose the most suitable type of film and the right configuration for it based on their freight and distribution route.

Reducing packaging and transportation costs

Optimizing the product + packaging system, in turn, implies avoiding losses due to shrinkage caused by accidents or a failure in the package’s protective abilities.


Packaging testing equipment by Safe Load TT to comply with EUMOS 

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we have developed three systems that enable compliance with the EUMOS 40509:2020 method.

  • The horizontal stability tester, which allows for the simulation of horizontal stability as per EUMOS criteria, in addition to the performance of personalized tests.
  • The smaller innSlide Boomerang machine, specifically designed to measure the rigidity and stability of a load as per the EUMOS 40509 :2020 standard. 
  • The innVision PRO  system is an enhanced version of the innVision ST system, which is included in the stability testers mentioned above. Both systems allow for load deformation to be registered and analyzed more efficiently and faster.

For its operation, innVision Pro includes an artificial vision camera and a high-speed software to register and analyze results in real time, generating an automated report with photos and videos showing the deformation of the load unit at all times.

Many companies have already acquired equipment by Safe Load Testing Technologies to comply with the EUMOS 40509:2020 standard.

Samuel Grant built its own pallet testing laboratory using our Boomerang machine; Trioplast acquired a machine to optimize the quality of its products, analyze the rigidity and safety of its loads, and offer its clients the necessary international standard certifications (especially EUMOS).

Do you want to know more about the EUMOS standards and packaging optimization? At Safe Load Testing Technologies we can help you, putting our track-record of two decades in the transport simulation industry at your service. Contact us.