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Dow, in collaboration with Safe Load Testing Technologies, has opened its 10th Pack Studios in Tarragona, featuring a new Load Stability Innovation Center. The Pack Studios aim to foster collaborative development for more sustainable packaging solutions.

Ana Braga, Dow’s Business Communications Manager for EMEA, discusses the goals of the Pack Studio and the importance of load stability.

Dow recently opened its 10th Pack Studios in Tarragona, which includes a new Load Stability Innovation Center.

Pack Studios is a global service, consisting of a network of experts in packaging, equipment, and testing, brought together with the goal of streamlining the collaborative development of improved and more sustainable packaging.

Safe Load Testing Technologies is among Dow experts’ collaborators. Its main role has been to provide Dow with a Horizontal Stability tester to complete its Load Stability Innovation Center in Packs Studio Tarragona, Spain.

To know more about this collaboration and the work developed in Packs Studio Tarragona, Lidia Maestre, Marketing Manager of Safe Load TT speaks to Ana Braga, Dow´s Business Communications Manager for EMEA.

LM: Dow states the future of packaging starts with collaboration. We can see the collaboration which Dow refers to in the new Packs Studio in Tarragona, since the laboratory is made up of many testing equipment from leading companies in the sector. In this regard, I would like to know what are the main goals of the new Pack Studio?

AB: Dow’s Pack Studios is a unique collaborative approach to accelerate the development of sustainable solutions for primary, secondary and tertiary industrial and consumer packaging films, food & specialty packaging films, and health and hygiene films. We create the optimal environment to rapidly conceptualize, develop, and test ideas on site. The facilities are available to all Dow customers and value chain partners, to develop prototypes, test solutions and network, in order to accelerate the innovation process. This offers cost benefits to our partners via the capability to manufacture and evaluate prototype packaging solutions without utilizing valuable converter or brand owner resources.

LM: And, how does Safe Load Testing Technologies contribute to achieving these goals?

AB: The partnership with machine manufacturers like Safe Load TT is crucial for the success of the Pack Studios concept and we are happy to have in Safe Load Testing Technologies a partner with similar values and innovative spirit, focused on cargo transport safety.

Why the Stability Center is the solution?

LM: On the other hand, I would also like to know why Load Stability is so important for Dow?

AB: In today’s globalized economy, more goods are being transported over longer distances. This trend is driven, amongst others, by societal changes and a growing e commerce. Furthermore, we are seeing a shift in mentality and an increase in awareness, with consumers demanding more environment-friendly products that further reduce waste and make better use of our natural resources. Packaging optimization, pallet load stability and transport simulation exercises can help companies meet not only industry requirements and regulatory standards but also their sustainability goals, reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

We are happy to have in Safe Load Testing Technologies a partner with similar values and innovative spirit, focused on cargo transport safety

Ana BragaGerente de Comunicaciones de Negocios de Dow

LM: Why did you choose the Safe Load TT Horizontal Stability Tester, over the other solutions on the market, for your Load Innovation Stability Center?

AB: Dow’s load stability innovation center in Tarragona, Spain, is a unique offering in the EMEA region. It is equipped with an extensive array of blown and cast film multilayer extrusion equipment. Additionally, it features the latest technologies for testing the performance of industrial and consumer packaging films. They include an end-to-end pallet wrapping line, a cutting-edge Safe Load TT technology horizontal stability tester and a modern tilting table.

In Safe Load Testing Technologies, we found a partner that has load stability and innovative solutions on top of mind and share similar principle and values.

AB: In Safe Load Testing Technologies, we found a partner that prioritizes load stability and innovative solutions. Furthermore, we share similar principles and values. During the distribution cycle, goods are exposed to different forces that may affect their integrity and safety. Transport simulation testing technologies enter the scene to foresee these threats. The reliable data obtained from the Safe Load TT horizontal stability tester, allows us to design an optimized packaging tailored to real transportation conditions.