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How to measure and analyze real-world transportation dynamics in the supply chain

April 9th 2024
5 PM GMT + 1  (Madrid, Spain)

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LP WEBINAR innRecord (#94)
Our combination of InnRecord and InnSoft Analyze offers the best solution for analyzing real-world transport dynamics in the supply chain.
Safe Load Testing Experts

Manuel Garcia-Romeu, PhD

Specializing in packaging engineering, Manuel currently leads the EUMOS 40509/20202 technical committee as Chairman, emphasizing progress in research, development, and innovation within load stability and transportation simulation.

Diego Soria

The R&D engineer at Safe Load TT, is an expert in mechanics, electronics, automation, and programming, playing a vital role in advancing revolutionary solutions for packaging optimization and testing machines.

Melodie Melenchón

Melodie excels at Safe Load TT, driving sales development, and logistics management. Her exceptional communication skills nurture strong partnerships and surpass expectations, ensuring lasting connections.

Agenda Highlights
Navigating the real world: transportation scenarios with innRecord

Gathering and analyzing data is crucial for safe and efficient product transportation. Our innSoft Analyze software excels in identifying key route inflection points and potential hazards, making it the top choice for analyzing cargo routes. This precise analysis ensures risks are anticipated and mitigated, safeguarding the product throughout its journey.

Products of the innRecord family

Leading the market, impressive sensors, such as the gyroscope or the magnometer.
Innovative analyzer software innSoft, developed by Safe Load Testing Technologies
Intuitive and easy-to-use software for the analysis of transportation simulations

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