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Vertical Vibration Test System

Vertical Vibration Test System

The Vertical Vibration Machine is designed to perform the vertical vibrations produced by several means of handling and transportation.

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Specifically, vertical vibration tables are used to evaluate products and packages behavior for design purposes to guarantee the safety of the transported loads.

This vibration shaker table can perform the vertical vibrations both standard and recorded from real transport routes, reproducing the real-world conditions that occur throughout the distribution cycle.

Besides, the shaker table vibration is ready to install the patented Pitch & Roll Module that allows to adding pitch and roll motions to a vertical vibration test.

Safe Load Testing Technologies offers customizable vertical vibration solutions with versatile applications, such as simulations of distribution environments, including cargo handling and transportation. The system includes an independent vibration controller and can reproduce PSDs either standard or recorded from actual transportation routes, reproducing real world conditions that occur throughout the distribution cycle. The table can also be installed in a climate chamber for testing under real climatic conditions.

Vertical vibration test system advantages

Vertical table custom desing

Safe Load Testing Technologies offers a wide range of vertical vibration solutions, but as designers and manufacturers, we can offer you a custom system that best suits your testing requirements.

Independent vibration controller

The Vertical Vibration Testing table uses an intuitive controller vibration test software, some of the applications of this software are:

  • Transport trials / simulation for packaging and ride quality (including Pitch and Roll motion).
  • Vehicle ride simulators.
  • Sine and swept-sine testing for product stress screening and endurance testing.
  • Multi-post road simulators.
  • Seismic motion simulators.
  • Water wave generators.

The controller vibration test software is able to generate shock-on-random, sine-on-random and random-on-random vibrations signals

Vertical vibration shaker table ready to install the pitch & roll module

The system is ready to install our Pitch & Roll Module that allows to add pitch and roll motion to a used vibration test equipment. Using the patented technology of the Pitch & Roll Module, we can update an existent vertical vibration table, no matter the manufacturer, into an innovative vibration tester in 3 axes to measure: Vertical, Pitch & Roll.

Vertical vibration system able to reproduce recorded psd

The Vertical Vibration Test System can reproduce recorded PSD from our innovative Data Recorder to reproduce real distribution routes. But also, is possible to use PSDs from other data loggers.

Vertical vibration system can be installed in a climate chamber

The Vertical Vibration Shaker can be installed inside a climatic chamber that allows tests to be carried out under real climatic conditions.

The vibration tester is capable of random vibration profiling, simulating real shipping environments

This allows companies to reduce the costs of their products and packages due to poor design or packaging.

Safe Load Testing’s vertical vibration test systems are characterized by their ease of use, allowing a wide range of vibration tests to be carried out safely in accordance with the main international standards, government, industrial and corporate specifications.

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