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Logistics and transportation companies are constantly seeking ways to ensure their products reach their destinations in perfect condition and without incidents. Transport data loggers play a pivotal role in various industries that heavily rely on transportation processes.

These devices are essential tools during transportation simulations. They enable the real-time collection and documentation of critical data such as temperature, humidity, location, speed, and other vital parameters.

What is a transport data logger, and why is it Important?

A Data Logger is an electronic device that records and stores data on various variables, such as temperature, humidity, vibrations, and other environmental factors, during the transportation of goods.

This data is crucial for assessing cargo safety and quality, as well as for taking preventive measures in case of issues. Our innovative solution, innRecord, for example, provides companies with deep and valuable insights into the conditions under which their products are transported.

By continuously monitoring these critical parameters, businesses can not only safeguard their goods but also optimize their logistics processes, ensuring that products reach their destinations in the best possible condition, bolstering customer satisfaction, and reducing costly risks.

Where to start with the innRecord?

Planning and preparation

What type of information you need to collect. Are you interested in measuring shocks, vibrations, temperature, humidity, or other variables?

innRecord configuration

Configure the transport data logger according to your requirements. This may include the sampling frequency, accelerometer sensitivity, and other relevant parameters.

Placing the innRecord

Position the transport data logger inside or near the cargo you wish to monitor. Make sure it is securely fastened and will not move during transportation or handling.

Initiating the test

Ensure that the innRecord is protected from adverse environmental conditions if necessary.

Data collection

Let the innRecord record data throughout the journey or handling process. If possible, conduct reference tests or controlled tests to compare results with real-world testing.

Continuous improvement

Use the collected data to make enhancements in packaging design, handling processes, or any other necessary areas to protect your products during transportation.

Key benefits of transport data logger:

  • Enhanced Safety:  It allows continuous monitoring of transportation conditions. This means that companies can detect potential issues before they escalate into serious incidents. Real-time alerts enable immediate action.
  • Route and Process Optimization: By collecting detailed data on the transportation environment, companies can identify patterns and trends. This facilitates route and process optimization, reducing operational costs and delivery times.
  • Regulatory Compliance: In many industries, there are strict regulations governing how certain products must be handled and transported. The transport data logger helps companies comply with these regulations by providing documented evidence of maintaining proper conditions during transportation.
  • Reputation Enhancement: Safety and quality are critical factors for a company’s reputation. Using a transport data logger demonstrates a commitment to safety and quality, which can attract customers and business partners.
  • Informed Decision-Making: The data collected provides valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Companies can adjust their processes based on the data obtained, leading to continuous improvements.

Testing Solutions for Vibration, Shock and Environmental Performance in Packaging

Transport Data Logger: Vibration Data

A data logger measures vibrations during the transportation chain.

These sensors detect variations in speed and direction of movement, recording precise data about the vibrations experienced by the cargo during transport.


innRecord Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorders

Transport Data Logger: Shock Data

A data logger measures impacts during the transportation chain using acceleration sensors that detect sudden changes in speed or direction of movement.

These sensors record data when impacts or jolts occur, such as collisions, falls, or abrupt bumps during transport. Information about the magnitude and duration of these impacts is stored for subsequent analysis.

This allows for the evaluation of cargo safety and integrity and the implementation of preventive measures in case of impacts that could damage the transported goods.

Transport Data Logger: Shock Data

A data logger measures the environment during the transportation chain using specific sensors that record various environmental conditions. These sensors may include temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and other relevant environmental factors.

This allows for evaluating whether the environmental conditions during the cargo transport meet the required standards or remain within safe ranges for the transported products.

In the event of significant deviations from the desired conditions, corrective measures can be taken to ensure the safety and quality of the cargo throughout the transportation process.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we can help you design effective and optimized protective packaging thanks to our Data Recorder and our transport simulation systems. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you.

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